Writing time;

I’ve been so caught up with work, study & the gym lately, I haven’t had time to update this or my livejournal, let alone write in my paper journal. I bailed on dinner plans with 2 girlfriends tonight so I could have a night to myself. More so than ever, I’m listening to my body very very carefully and it’s telling me to rest.

Even though I haven’t had a chance to write in my journals, I’ve exchanged emails with my dear friend T on a daily basis for weeks now & it’s given me an opportunity to write in the moment & not really filter my thoughts. Even though life has been so hectic past few weeks, I’m thankful I can look back on these emails & see what I was feeling at a certain time.

It seems like every birthday I change alot before & after. Last year, I had just broken up with my boyfriend. This year, I realised who my true friends were & realised I needed to make a lot of changes to my life.

I’m just so thankful I’ve had someone like T to write to everyday & get feedback on everything because there has been a lot going on lately.

It’s hope things calm down now!

Hello September!

I always thought I loved Autumn best but now that Spring is here, I am absolutely in love with this season. The cold weather is rare, the mornings are getting lighter & I can walk home in the evenings & it’s still light.

This September is better than any other though. In 2 weeks, I will finally be finished with this secondary education & no longer be considered a high school drop out. I don’t regret dropping out of high school on my 16th birthday as I didn’t want to be there at the time. In 2008, I made the decision to go to a mature age college, when I was ready. It made learning a breeze and not a chore.

I can’t believe how fast the past 2 years have gone by and in 2 weeks, it will all be behind me & I can finally go to university next year.

In exactly 2 weeks, Friday 17th September, I will be finished this course. That night, I will be seeing my favourite Hip Hop act Horrorshow & then the following Tuesday 21st, I’m seeing one of my best friends Sophie in Sydney. She’s flying over from New Zealand & we’re hanging out for 5 days. I am super excited because I haven’t seen her since January when I was visiting my home, Auckland, NZ.

Here is a photo of us that I found last night. This was taken in Kings Park, Perth September 2008, when she came to visit me.

She was still in high school then but yet she saved everything she could to come see me, something I appreciate SO much. After 13 years of friendship, not even 8000km’s can separate us.

Grateful for the odd phone call;

I just received a call from Mark & it totally made my night. We both live such busy lives but always find the time to call each other, even if it’s every few weeks just to catch up on everything that’s been going on. He’s the kind of friend you can talk to for hours & hours. I also find it so hard to meet such decent guys, who are simply your friends & nothing else and he is one of those.

I’m grateful to have such a caring friend who I only met in the last year and even though he’s 2 hours ahead & busy with work, electricial school and band practise, he finds the time to call me, just to see how I am & what’s new. That call totally made my night.

Day 1: your best friend;

To Kay

You, the strange girl that used to wear socks with her sparkly sandals when we were seven years old, are a very special person in my life. Someone I want to never take for granted again & waste a minute being mad with you/you being made with me. You are someone I want to always have in my life until death do us part.

We may be 8,000 km’s apart and living completely different lives but every time I come home, our friendship remains the same so I have no doubt it will change anytime soon, only for the better.

I wish my phone bill was unlimited so I could call you whenever I want to tell you something because whenever I have something on my mind, or I do something embarassing or funny or smart, you’re the first person I think of.

Being in different countries sucks but every day, I look forward to the end of the year when we will both be finished our courses. I cannot wait until the day you arrive on my soil & that thought gets me through some days.

I know you’re in your first serious relationship this year but please don’t make the same mistakes as I did with C when I shut you out of my life because I was so infatuated with him. Know that I support your happiness.

Love always,

Allie Moon

Friends are everything;

It’s nearly four years since I moved to Perth, Western Australia from Auckland, New Zealand. In that time, I’ve had alot of people come in and out of my life. I have drifted between several groups until this year, where a number of my friends have come together to form one big group of about twenty. Some I have known for years, others just months. But for the first tme since I moved here, I finally feel like the missing part of a puzzle.

You see, I never wanted to move. I was dead against it. I had everything I wanted in NZ. I had a number of groups of friends & a number of friendships going on ten years. When you’re sixteen years old, it’s hard to just move to a new country & fit right in.

I’m happy to say now that I’m approaching twenty, I am very content with my life & the people in it. It’s been a very long process to get to where I am today but I am well and truly happy with everything about my life.


In just over 6 weeks, I’m seeing one of my best friends, Sophie in Sydney!! I am so excited. I haven’t seen her since January & out of all my friends from New Zealand, she’s the one that I see the most, she even flew to Perth in 2008 just for me ❤

It was her birthday mid July & mine is coming up end of month so this is our little present to each other, I cannot wait. I’ve wanted to go to Sydney for so long but time is an issue for me. I’ve actually had to get a week off school to go so that means I’ll have to study super hard before I go away and then study as soon as I get back. It’s all worth it to see one of my best friends from New Zealand though 😀