The monthly round up: May;

First weekend of May, I had plans to move house on the Thursday night, go away on the Friday night &  spend the weekend exploring Bendigo. But when you trust an untrustworthy removalist, things don’t go to plan! So I ended up packing up as much as possible Friday night, driving out to Bendigo late Friday night, heading to Groovin the Moo all day Saturday and then driving back to Melbourne first thing Sunday morning for a 10am move. Exhausting? Oh yeah. Especially when sick!

But nature this time of year makes up for it all!


The streets of Bendigo

2015 lineup. So good.

2015 lineup. So good.

May saw me move into my 20th house in 25 years and most people have asked if this will be the last move for a while? Nope. I’ll sit still for a few months though.


There was one weekend where my friend Ashley hired a converted inner city warehouse and cooked dinner for 12 of us for her birthday. The space was so beautiful & the atmosphere was incredible. A whole bunch of strangers getting together & getting to know each other; it was something I really enjoyed.

Wanderlust 108

Wanderlust 108

We got ridiculously lucky with the weather one weekend. Especially on the Saturday for Wanderlust 108. The day started at 9am with a 5km fun run, followed by yoga in the park plus some meditation after. And because all that exercise wasn’t enough for one day, M & I went for a walk around Albert Park just as the sun set and it was just divine.

Albert Park Lake

Albert Park Lake

I’ve been a lover of mulled wine ever since my 2011 Melbourne visit (thank you Ponyfish Island) so when Urban List posted this article about where to find mulled wine in Melbourne, Maja, Matt & I did some bar hopping in the city. There’s seriously no better combo than mulled wine & Melbourne!

And I can’t let this month go by without mentioning the red velvet pancakes from Muharam Cafe in Hawthorn…


Other places visited this month: pelican, st kilda // monk bodhi dharma // einstein’s relative // top paddock // touché’ hombre // river land // rooftop bar // middle brighton baths // myrtle’s crepes // east end den // penny black

I’ve officially experienced two full seasons in Melbourne: summer & autumn. I’m excited to see how winter looks!

I love you Autumn!

I love you Autumn!

A little something about distance;

When I first moved from Auckland to Perth back in 2007, I thought my life would be over (dramatic is my middle name by the way). I had been raised in Auckland ever since 1995 and even though I moved around quite a bit in my time in Auckland, all my friends were there. Being the first to leave was scary.

Moving away from familiarity and starting at a new school at the age of 16, when everyone was half way through high school was hard. I made some friends but gave into fear a few months later and ran away back to New Zealand. As in, told my parents the morning of my flight that I was leaving & caught a taxi to the airport (I didn’t last long in New Zealand).

At this stage, communication wise, it was the odd phone call back to NZ, emails and a ton of letters. Then in mid 2008, Facebook was starting to become a ‘thing’ so it between easier to stay in touch with friends. Eventually, things like Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime and Snapchat came along and staying in touch with friends all around the world became THAT much easier.

Over the last eight years, there have been numerous trips back to NZ and several to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to meet friends half way. I look back at how devastated I was to move away & realise the quality of my friendships has only improved over the years.

Yeah, it sucks not being able to just walk down the road and go see a friend but it makes holidays and reunions so much more special. Yeah, it is a little more effort to plan chats with numerous time zones but it really doesn’t matter if we chat every week or every month, the conversations always just flow.

As I’m sitting here with my life packed up into two suitcases and a few boxes, I think the second time round will be much easier. For one, I’m moving half way between Perth and Auckland so time differences will be a minor thing. And secondly, I’m now twenty four years old with friends scattered all around the globe, the hardest part will be deciding what city we will see each other in next.

And exploring the globe with friends excites me!

But if I was able to give a little advice? Treat each phone/skype conversation like it’s a physical date. Pencil it into your diary & have the wine ready! I cannot wait for all the dates to come:)

I’m moving to Melbourne!

Those that have been reading the blog over the last four years, will know how much I love Melbourne and have considered the move over the years (just search the words ‘Melbourne’ on this blog and you’ll see). There was the time before I took off to Europe in late 2010, and then again part way through my degree when my soul craved new surroundings. But it was my last visit to Melbourne in November 2013 that was the deciding factor. On my last night in Melbourne, as I stood on a friends rooftop overlooking the city, I knew it was time.

Don’t get me wrong, my life in Perth is amazing. I have made some incredible friends over the years, I live right near the city plus I’m a short drive from the beach and my favourite Yoga studios. But what was supposed to be a one-year stay in Perth, is slowly turning into 8 years. With further study on pause for now, I decided in late June this year that it’s time to finally make the move East once all the weddings were finished for the year in October.

Everyone around me has been asking why I have decided to move & there are a number of reasons. I want to explore more of the East coast; see my friends in NZ more; spend more time in Bondi; visit Fiji; but the biggest one of all, is simply Melbourne itself. It hasn’t been named the most liveable city in the world for a number of years for nothing!

So today marks exactly 10 days until I leave. Have I got a job & house lined up? Nope. I have absolutely no idea where I want to live or what I want to do for work once I get there but all I know is, I have residual income coming in weekly from coaching people through nutritional cleansing and an endless list of adventures I want to go on over the next five years.

Packing up once more;

Image via

I’ve given up on being settled any time soon. September last year, I moved into my sixth house in under six years and as much as it would be nice to stay here until I finish university at the end of the year, another move is happening this month.

So in two weeks time, I’ll be packing it all up again for the seventh time in under six & a half years. Am I exhausted of packing up? Nope cause I’ve barely unpacked since I moved here! Isn’t it hard moving all my stuff? Nope, I have hardly anything thanks to my big clean last winter break. Am I excited to move? You bet! I’ll be moving even closer to both my offices AND my all time favourite part of the river. I’ll be a few minutes from a ferry to the city and my favourite pub & ice creamery….which won’t be  too good for my body so I’m going to have to learn some self control!

It’ll be a smaller place which gets me even MORE excited (in case you haven’t seen my ‘small space‘ pinterest board). I love living in cosy little places, having minimal belongings & using space efficiently.

Now….time to get rid of more stuff!

Sixth house in six years;

Please note: This isn’t really my house (if I lived in the U.S, than maybe it could be…)

In April this year, I posted about moving into my 5th house in 5 years and guess what? I’m moving again…..for the 6th time (in about 5 & a half years). Around the last move,  I mentioned I will probably have a mental breakdown if I have to move again but now that the time has come & I’ve managed to throw away a lot of things in July (operation ‘Tidy my life’), I’m not even phased by the move.

If anything, I’m excited! I’ll be living 20 minutes closer to work which means 40 minutes less driving time in the mornings which equals more sleep!! I’ll be moving back to a suburb not far from where I used to live and the house is only a minutes walk from my favourite part of the river. Hellooo evening walks!

The move is looking to be around late August/ early September which is perfect, that’s when I have a week off from uni! Who knew, I would be excited to move again only 4 months later? Definitely not me!

Stop making plans;

I never planned to live in Perth, nor did I plan to stay here long (especially five years). Five years ago, I had all these plans written down; I was going to build a house in Devonport, and work somewhere nearby. But things came up & I was given a choice. I could of stayed in my hometown with all my friends and maybe someday, decided to make the leap but in 2006, I made that decision to try something new & if I didn’t like it, I could return.

Reading Olivia’s archived blog post ‘Plans vs Choices‘, it made me think back over the years and all the plans I’ve made that I just laugh at now. Majority were naive but most of them were a little unrealistic.  Sure it’s good to make plans into the future, to have a vision of where you see yourself or where you would like to go but I wish I knew then what I know now: Life cannot be planned.

Situations occur and decisions alter ‘the big plan of my life’. Nowadays, I have a list of things I would like to do and things I would like to achieve but I’ve also got a different mentality in that, if things on that list don’t happen, that’s okay. There is no point getting upset that things haven’t worked out the way you had planned, life is not a movie where you can yell ‘cut’ & edit things to be perfect. There’s far too many outside factors, things far beyond your control.

At the moment, all I have planned for the future is the possibility of a short holiday to Sydney & Melbourne at the end of the year. Nothing will be booked in until at least September & who knows what could come up in the next 3-4 months. If a better opportunity presents itself, I’m fine with that. I have no control of the direction my life takes but as long as I’m happy, there’s nothing to worry about.

This is just one of many reminders to myself to stop planning and to start living.

5 houses in 5 years;

I’ve only lived in Perth 5 years but the number of houses I’ve lived in may soon outweigh the years! Since the move over from New Zealand, I don’t have many things so packing is easy and only getting easier. Moving this morning to house #5, it only took me an hour to get everything together and onto the truck.

Packing is easy- it’s unpacking & arranging that I hate…..especially because I already know another move is on the horizon! Ugh.

Stability- I hope I get to see you sometime in the near future.

Moving out!

I’m finally moving out of home next weekend!

Ever since I got back from Europe in February, I’ve felt more than ready to move out but with starting university and in the middle of leaving my old job, it wasn’t really good timing. Now that I’m all settled into uni and have been at my current job for the past 3 months with no sign of leaving anytime soon, it’s time for another change in my life.

I’m moving into a two bedroom apartment with my Perth best friend K (she’s like a sister to me- a really awesome older sister that I get along with really well). I went over there today and we set up an IKEA bookcase- it took us an hour in total. Next Saturday, I’m going to bring my bed, dressing table and clothes….and not much else!

I’m looking forward to seeing how I’ll go with cooking and cleaning. I was away from home for 3 months over the summer, I managed fine then, surely it won’t be much different.

Doesn’t feel like spring

I spent a lot of time at home this weekend. I go through those periods where I’m extremely busy and then quite the opposite soon after. I didn’t have any definite plans this weekend so I kept to myself. I took my time getting out of bed in the mornings, I attempted to study but the thought of it was too much- I didn’t accomplish much. I went for walks both days, went furniture shopping and attempted to go clothes shopping but mission unsuccessful once again.

There’s 51 hours from the time I leave the office on a Friday evening to the time I have to return Monday morning and what exactly did I do with that time? I feel like most of this weekend cannot be explained. I spent a lot of time emptying my mind of all my thoughts and filling it with new day dreams and fantasies. I feel better now than I have in weeks. I feel like I have more inspiration and more drive. I’ve been missing them both.

This week, I’m going to my new place & dropping off some of my things. My new room is still occupied so I’m just waiting impatiently for that to be empty so I can finally move in.

I love September

I love every September but this one especially….I’m moving out! I didn’t actually think I would move out of home while I was at university but after thinking about it, it’s actually quite affordable.

I’m moving in with one of my best friends (referred to as the Perth best friend or my sister), someone I’ve known since the day I got here nearly 5 years ago. She lives 1 minutes drive from my work and 5 minutes drive from university so it’s all worked out perfectly I think!

There’s roughly 2 or 3 weeks left until I was meant to be moving to the new house so at least I don’t need to hurry & pack this weekend, I have a few weeks left to do that. I was really excited about moving down to the new house but because it’s so far from work & uni, it wouldn’t be ideal. I’m still going to decorate my room down there & spend time there whenever I can though.

So other than the big move, I have a week off from uni this month, a few birthdays, one assignment, one test, one festival and one hip hop gig (so far). It’s the first day of spring today so I’m looking forward to spending more time outdoors and some time down at the beach end of this month.

Bring on summer!