Mid February, just as it hit 91 days since I moved to Melbourne, I flew back to Perth for a few days. It was a short trip but in true Anna style, jam packed as always.

The giant walking around Perth

The sleeping diver

In four days, I fitted in four walks, two meals with my parents, one coffee date, one lunch date, one city hangout, one beach hangout, one airport hangout and a road trip down south for an engagement party.

Valentines themed Engagement Party < 3

With the gorgeous couple, M & J < 3

Four days in Perth/ Western Australia was definitely not long enough but it was the best I could do at this time of year.

My fave secluded beach in the South West

Until next time WA!

South Perth evening river walks with KM

A little something about distance;

When I first moved from Auckland to Perth back in 2007, I thought my life would be over (dramatic is my middle name by the way). I had been raised in Auckland ever since 1995 and even though I moved around quite a bit in my time in Auckland, all my friends were there. Being the first to leave was scary.

Moving away from familiarity and starting at a new school at the age of 16, when everyone was half way through high school was hard. I made some friends but gave into fear a few months later and ran away back to New Zealand. As in, told my parents the morning of my flight that I was leaving & caught a taxi to the airport (I didn’t last long in New Zealand).

At this stage, communication wise, it was the odd phone call back to NZ, emails and a ton of letters. Then in mid 2008, Facebook was starting to become a ‘thing’ so it between easier to stay in touch with friends. Eventually, things like Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime and Snapchat came along and staying in touch with friends all around the world became THAT much easier.

Over the last eight years, there have been numerous trips back to NZ and several to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to meet friends half way. I look back at how devastated I was to move away & realise the quality of my friendships has only improved over the years.

Yeah, it sucks not being able to just walk down the road and go see a friend but it makes holidays and reunions so much more special. Yeah, it is a little more effort to plan chats with numerous time zones but it really doesn’t matter if we chat every week or every month, the conversations always just flow.

As I’m sitting here with my life packed up into two suitcases and a few boxes, I think the second time round will be much easier. For one, I’m moving half way between Perth and Auckland so time differences will be a minor thing. And secondly, I’m now twenty four years old with friends scattered all around the globe, the hardest part will be deciding what city we will see each other in next.

And exploring the globe with friends excites me!

But if I was able to give a little advice? Treat each phone/skype conversation like it’s a physical date. Pencil it into your diary & have the wine ready! I cannot wait for all the dates to come:)

Last day as a Property Valuer;

When I was trying to decide whether to travel the globe or get a degree under my belt, I always knew one thing: whatever I study at university will be a stepping stone to future opportunities. I never went into Property Valuations with the intention of having one job in mind & that was it. In 2010, when I put my enrolment form in for Semester 1, 2011, I enjoyed a number of aspects of property. Growing up with my dad being a builder, I loved the process of it all. I loved all the different materials used & I loved seeing the finished product. I also loved the pre-building stage. From the ages of 10 until about well, now, I would constantly draw house plans. They varied as the years went on, going from massive houses to nowadays, simple layouts and good use of space (my ‘simple living‘ and ‘small spaces‘ pinterest boards are a good indication of that).

I always enjoyed design & architecture and NEARLY did an architecture degree but figured a business/property degree would be more broad first time round (there’s always time for a masters in architecture!)

In the first year of my degree, I got to learn more about passive heating/cooling & I thought, geez that’s pretty cool! & when my favourite lecturer showed us THIS Ted talk, everything changed. I grew up moving things in my rooms around ALL the time so the idea of having an apartment with movable walls was mind blowing & just pure genius. From that one Ted talk, I got more into sustainability, which led me to meet a Perth fellow greenie through social media who has started an Instagram page, Green with me, who I consider a dear friend of mine now. We can talk for hours about anything & everything and it’s pretty awesome exchanging house/electric cars/vegan food ideas/backpacking plans.

As I finish up in my current role as a Property Valuer today, something I’ve been doing for the last 3.5 years, I’m so grateful for the things I’ve learnt in this job & in my degree. Just because I won’t be using my Property Valuation qualification in the meantime doesn’t mean it was a waste of time. The things I’ve learnt over the last four years, the people I’ve met and the things I’ve had the time to do are priceless.

What am I planning to do next? Even I don’t know! But I’ll figure that one out 😉

Are you?

If you were to get really honest with yourself, would you say you love what you do everyday? Especially the time you’re trading for money? The time that you will never get back. I have to admit, I do not love what I do.

I love talking to people; I love looking at gorgeous houses and apartments and seeing how people live and how they decorate their homes; I love being a little investigator when things do not make sense; I love the work flexibility that comes with planning your inspections to suit you.

But I don’t enjoy the early starts, late nights and the crazy timeframes from the banks. The properties that are impossible to get through. Crushing peoples properties dreams day in, day out. Being unable to take a sick day when you are actually so sick, you can’t sleep at night (but there’s properties to inspect and reports to send off and taking a sick day will just make it more stressful in the coming days).

Last week, a friend died doing what he loved and that was wing suit jumping. The most adventurous person I knew, it was something he’s been doing for years and the videos he captured on his go pro were nothing short of incredible. The day that I found out, I rushed out of the office and drove straight to the beach near his house. I stood on the beach and just watched the sun go down; this was the only thing that came out:

I’ve disabled comments on this post because I’m not posting this for sympathy (I don’t even want to talk about it). I just want this to be the 100th reminder that life is SO short. You may be excited to see someone in a few weeks & then all of a sudden, that moment never comes. Al had a massive impact on so many lives. A month shy of his 26th birthday, he had been and done so much in a short amount of time.

The most important message he had for the world, that he lived every single day was, “find the courage to pursue your dreams. Be passionate”. And here’s to exactly that Al.


Monthly Round Up: July;

Looking back over July, it’s made me realise how much can be done in a month & just how much can change. So hopefully I can keep up these monthly reviews for the rest of the year & look back on 2014 in a few short months. It’s been an incredible year so far!

Last month was full of so much good food. Pictured below, I checked out Stimulatte, Solomon’s Cafe, Darlings Supper Club, Jamie’s Italian, Karibu Cafe & The Grovsnor Hotel. Not pictured: The Windsor Hotel, Madhatters on Milston, The Royal, Little Creatures, Halo Espresso, Heavenly Plate, Raw Kitchen, The Brisbane & The Chocolate Lounge.

When I wasn’t eating with local friends, I was dining with interstate friends. I had my best friend fly over from Queensland mid month for our annual July catch up. In 2011, I flew to Auckland; in 2012 we met in Melbourne; in 2013 I flew over to Queensland & this year S came to Perth for the 5th time in 7 years (she isn’t the best friend for no reason!)

The weather was beautiful the whole time she was here so there were lots of walks involved plus as much good food we could fit into four days.

The annual Isagenix University was also on in July & it was awesome to have some of my girls come along & learn more about Isagenix from the corporate team & see why it’s the greatest company to be involved with. I went to the Sydney Uni back in April this year but got so much more out of this the second time round. There were different speakers, new content & new product releases. Plus the super exciting reveal of an Isagenix distribution centre in Perth which is a perfect example of how much product is consumed in Western Australia (and hardly any of the state has heard of it yet!)

One of the photos taken of me in July made me realise just how long my hair had gotten so two days later, I was booked in for my bi-annual bob. Gosh, I have missed having short hair!

Weather was beautiful in July so a girlfriend & I decided to go hiking in the hills. When we woke up one morning & read the forecast said 95% of rain, we didn’t think anything of it (mistake #1). We got so excited when we saw the start of the Bibbulmun Track so we took that track. 90 mins in, we decided we better head back but realised we had gone off course (mistake #2) and then it started raining. Off track and totally wet, we continued along the path we thought we took before only to realise an hour later, we were walking in the totally opposite direction. We eventually got back to the car & decided that wasn’t our greatest idea. Note to self: buy a waterproof raincoat!

Other than bush walking & coastal walks, July was full of sauna visits, 90 yin yoga sessions & lots of time spent with weights. Summer is close to 12 weeks away & although I try to maintain a healthy body all year round, I do have a number of weddings coming up this summer where I want to look 11/10.

I also managed to squeeze in an Ayurvedic workshop into July which was awesome. After reading about Ayurvedic principles, I got a Ayurvedic massage in Bali in June which caused my friend J to look into Ayurvedia in Perth which led her to this workshop (organised by  Lakshmi Ayuvedia Wellness Centre which is the very place I first read about the principles!)

We went over daily routines & how we can eat better for our types (find out your dosha here) as well as two yoga sessions & a hearty vegetarian lunch with yummy homemade chai tea.

So this winter has been quite the workshop season. In June I went to the LuluLemon retreat, in July I went to a Ayurvedic workshop & in August, I’m heading along to a Yin Yoga workshop by Yoga Grooves.

The world is full of cool stuff! The trick is to find it 🙂

The Easter Stay-cation;

For the first time in 3 years, I’ve been able to enjoy public holidays and not have to study all through them. The Easter four day weekend just gone, Perth was blessed with beautiful weather so I made the most of it by going to the beach everyday & sitting out on my balcony reading.

First time Slacklining!

Other than time outdoors, I spent time with friends, eating yummy food, going for walks & having a go at ‘slack lining‘ which is so much fun (but hard work in windy conditions!) And for those friends that are far, Skyping in my pjs was a total godsend.

I celebrated my parents 25th wedding anniversary over the yummiest Italian, spent some time reading ‘A New Earth’ & watched four documentaries on Food Matters TV (Fat, sick and nearly dead; The Shift, E-motion and you can heal your life) which I would recommend to everyone.

Smashed pumpkin + homemade beans. YUM!

Looking back on the four day weekend, it’s exactly how I’d like to live my life, everyday. Getting 8 hours of sleep; rising slowly & eating breakfast in the sun; seeing local friends & video skyping those that are far; being outside as much as possible and most importantly, living each day with total ease.

Monthly Round Up: March;

Images via my Instagram: @annaventures

March sure has been one incredible month!

After having a small meltdown at the end of February at work, I started the month with a relaxing long weekend. It involved driving 3 hours south of Perth for a friends birthday beach party & of course, breakfast + lunch at an all time favourite, Samudra.

Then there was a music festival with big sis who was over from Dubai briefly & to end the long weekend nicely, a day of coaching a few girls with their health journey.

March was all about seeing friends. Whether it was a coastal walk, basketball game, lunch date, dinner date or an evening out. I made the most out of my days, fitting in lunch dates during the week wherever I could & evening catch ups over vegetarian feasts or juice. I can’t see all my friends though so there was a lot of skyping & phone calls with the NZ & east coast kids.

Mid March, there were 3 intensive days where I was stretched more than I thought was possible. Since then, there’s been a lot of changes & priorities have changed slightly. I’ve placed more emphasis on my health & fitness because even though my career is going towards the health side of things, the first half of March was spent way out of balance with everything else going on.

So looking back over the last 2 weeks, I’m extremely happy with the mix of things. There’s been lots of stretching time (air yoga & mat work), as many weight sessions as I can fit in (I’m slightly obsessed with my newly developed muscles!) as well as property inspections, coaching, friend catch ups & quiet time.

I’d say the biggest theme for the month of March was saying yes to (nearly) everything. Yes to a last minute coaching course in March and then June & August as well. Yes to a last minute Sydney trip mid April. Yes to a getaway in a few months (can’t say when just yet) and ‘Yes’ to people in general.

Here’s to the second quarter of 2014 & no doubt it’ll be a good one judging by the last 3 months!

How ‘Anna Ventures’ was born;


I purchased the domain name ‘’ back in May 2012. I was half way through my degree and approaching winter break, thinking five weeks off uni would be the perfect time to launch my dot com. One little thing though…timing. It just wasn’t right. I wasn’t feeling the best physically or mentally and so I quickly abandoned the domain name and carried on with my degree and life.

Fast forward November 2013. I just finished my last exam & hopped on a plane to Melbourne with Tim Ferriss’s book in hand. I’ve been umm’ing and arrr’ing about Melbourne for a few years. The cafes, the laneways, the history, the proximity to the other states. There’s so much I love about Melbourne so every time I come back to Perth, it’s like a ticking time bomb in my head, “Perth or Melbourne?” 

So having read Tim Ferriss’s book, ‘The 4 hour work week’, I felt like I didn’t absorb it like I should have because before long, I was back on the east coast and then in New Zealand for a few weeks before coming back to Perth & getting stuck into my property license. It wasn’t until I had a conversation with a somewhat stranger in Brisbane in February 2014 that everything clicked together.

I don’t have to choose between Perth and Melbourne. Or Perth and Auckland. Or Auckland and California. Because lets face it, my heart has been scattered across far too many locations to call just ONE city “home”. 

And in true Anna style, it’s all come together very quickly. When I am so, so certain about something, I will go out of my way to make it happen. So what can you expect from this blog from today onwards? that I can’t answer right now. But just know, I have declared my intentions to the Universe and I’m SO ready for all the changes to come.


Here’s to 2014;

They say that the cure for anything is salt water & this right here, is my happy place. After 11 hours of flying/running/nearly missing a connecting flight, it was good to have a few hours on this beautiful piece of coast before I went back to work the following day.

2014 is going to be a big one for me. With university all done now, I need to get my residential & commercial valuers licence work wise & somehow fit in all the holidays I have planned. I’ve got a little side business going on which I’m putting in as much effort as possible this year (more on that later). I’m in this place where I want to share more but it’s still early days with a few things so I guess, all in good time!

In the mean time though, I’ll be making the most of Perth & the West because if there’s one motto for 2014, it’s this: find the beauty in everything.