Changed Plans;

At the beginning of the year, I drew up a little calendar for the year with all the things I wanted to do. I didn’t have any goals for the year, only five priorities. One of those priorities was spending a month in the US for my birthday in August. It’s something I’ve wanted to do ever since I was in California in 2008 but have since had study every August since.

2014 was off to a good start, I was saving & I figured, if I told enough people, there was no way I wouldn’t get to the US. But then, life happened. SO many other adventures came along & when the time came to sell off some tickets I purchased for my time in California (only like the biggest event of the year!), I knew there would always be next year.

Because when I thought about it, the things that have happened this year & the things that are still yet to happen are so much more than I had hoped or planned for.

I wrote about this very topic back in June 2012 (and multiple times since) and the lesson is always the same: plans change but always for the better.

I would love to know, anyone else feel guilty for not following through with plans?

New friends & the perfect weekend mix;


Sunset views from South Perth

It’s mid June & I’m sitting here with the heater cranking, just hours before flying off to Bali. The weekend just gone was my perfect weekend. It involved gym & sauna time, coastal walks where I looked like I was walking + video-ing myself (talking on FaceTime), brunch dates, river walks, free samples at a Woman’s expo, my favourite pizza, Fremantle adventures & a 9.5 km sunset river walk to top it all off. There was plenty of sunshine, deep conversations, massive smiles, last minute plans, lots of walking & just the right mix of stretching too.

Favourite spot: Raw Kitchen, Fremantle

And thinking about it all today, I realised the four people I spent time with this weekend were people I met this year. Two from February and two from exactly a month ago and the crazy thing is, it feels like I’ve known them all for years.

I used to have this idea that the people you grew up with, you had the strongest bond with but this year has been the biggest myth buster of that idea. You see, when you meet people with the same or similar interests as you, when you’re at a point in your life when you’re SO crystal clear on who you are & what you want in your life, those friendships fast forward a few years (or 10).

Raw Nachos – YUM!

Here’s three classic examples of how I’m attracting exactly who I am this year:

The Blue Buddha, Fremantle

I went to Raw Kitchen yesterday for lunch with a girlfriend I met exactly a month ago. Mid -May, we both attended the Train the Trainer course with David Wood where it was five intensive days of growing, stretching & getting WAY out of our comfort zone. From the moment we had our first chat, it felt like I’ve known her for years. Over lunch, we were discussing books & personal development courses & I suggested we go check out the last remaining book store in Fremantle (such a sad thought). There weren’t that many books there since it was a second hand one but on the way back, we stumbled upon a little shop called The Blue Buddha. There were crystals, books, little buddha’s and all sorts of CD’s and DVD’s; a small 5 minute stop turned into over an hour.

It made me wonder, how often do you get lost in places like this with someone you just met? Not often!

I took the above photo to send to my fellow Bali travel buddy, because he’s literally the male version of me (yoga, meditation, green smoothie, raw foodie and all). And of course, he happened to be in exactly the same store, 20 km’s away (buying me a salt lamp which release negative ions of all things – but that’s a whole new post, my love affair with negative ions).

Life seriously blows my mind every day.

Riverside Drive sunsets

And then Perth puts on a show like this where I’m walking with C & we’re both in exactly the same situation. We both so desperately want to be in California in August for our company’s massive annual celebration but time just isn’t on our side. Neither of us want to miss out but we also don’t want to do a half-arsed trip to the States. And after feeling down last week about having to postpone the trip, in a matter of minutes, I feel at peace with my decision & super excited that I have a friend to do the trip with next year, New York and all the other cities as well.

Now, time to get packing for Bali & have a week of pure bliss 🙂

Forever 21;

Champagne: my biggest weakness [August 2011]

Tomorrow marks the last day of being twenty one & what a year it’s been! Starting from moving out with a close friend, juggling another year of full time work & a half arsed attempt at full time uni (barely passing last year), two visits from my bestie, three road trips, christmas with my bestie in NZ, new years in a little town called Martinborough and a whole bunch of lessons along the way!

I approached a lot of situations with this “who cares?” attitude, I didn’t think about the consequences because I was so caught up in the moments but lessons huh? They definitely taught me a lot about myself, what I want and what I don’t want in my life. I’ve eliminated all the things (and people) that were dragging me down….now to work on this little list of goals I’ve written.

I’m looking forward to the next year ahead. There’s talks of a few road trips, a little NZ reunion at the end of the year but a lot is still uncertain. I’m trying not to plan because plans only limit room for new opportunities that could possibly come along.

Lets see how another year pans out!

Stop making plans;

I never planned to live in Perth, nor did I plan to stay here long (especially five years). Five years ago, I had all these plans written down; I was going to build a house in Devonport, and work somewhere nearby. But things came up & I was given a choice. I could of stayed in my hometown with all my friends and maybe someday, decided to make the leap but in 2006, I made that decision to try something new & if I didn’t like it, I could return.

Reading Olivia’s archived blog post ‘Plans vs Choices‘, it made me think back over the years and all the plans I’ve made that I just laugh at now. Majority were naive but most of them were a little unrealistic.  Sure it’s good to make plans into the future, to have a vision of where you see yourself or where you would like to go but I wish I knew then what I know now: Life cannot be planned.

Situations occur and decisions alter ‘the big plan of my life’. Nowadays, I have a list of things I would like to do and things I would like to achieve but I’ve also got a different mentality in that, if things on that list don’t happen, that’s okay. There is no point getting upset that things haven’t worked out the way you had planned, life is not a movie where you can yell ‘cut’ & edit things to be perfect. There’s far too many outside factors, things far beyond your control.

At the moment, all I have planned for the future is the possibility of a short holiday to Sydney & Melbourne at the end of the year. Nothing will be booked in until at least September & who knows what could come up in the next 3-4 months. If a better opportunity presents itself, I’m fine with that. I have no control of the direction my life takes but as long as I’m happy, there’s nothing to worry about.

This is just one of many reminders to myself to stop planning and to start living.

Fast forward 5 years;

On the 1st of March 2007, I moved from Auckland, New Zealand to Perth, Western Australia. I was quite happy in New Zealand, I was with a guy I loved and I was surrounded by my childhood and high school friends. So when my parents decided to move 5,000km’s away from that, I was a little pissed.

I acted like your typical out of control teenager: I didn’t come home for days on end, I didn’t tell them where I was going, I refused to talk to them on a number of occasions and I even skipped countries a few months after the move (which only lasted 4 weeks until I came crawling back).

Now fast forward to 2012, I am finally on track. I’m working and studying, I have a great relationship with my parents and so it turns out, the move wasn’t the end of the world.

Since moving, I’ve been back home 5 times and every time I go back, everything feels the same. Sure, my friends have grown up, some have drifted away and some new ones have appeared, but all in all, everything has remained fairly constant.

The move turned out to be the best thing for me as it made me reassess what I was doing & who I was hanging out with. I was on a dangerous road down & I’m glad I had a second chance. So here’s a task for you:

Make a list of everything you’ve achieved in the past 5 years and write down what you want out of the next 5 years. I can guarantee you will be amazed at what you have accomplished already!

This is more like it.

A weekend that has variety is my sort of weekend! Looking forward to this weekend coming full of friends, shows, gym, study. I’ve been holed up at home, doing assignments for far too long. But now that I’ve finished all my assignments for the semester, I can ease off the books a little and do the other things I’ve put aside for the past few weeks/months.

I’m not looking forward to my dentist appointment though. I’ve eaten far too many sweets over the past 6 months!