Why I had to quit my job to start again;

Perth houses I valued < 3

Five months ago, I made this post, saying how I was quitting property valuations for the mean time. At the time, I had no idea what I would do next but I did not see valuations in my near future.

Leading up to that moment five months ago, I was feeling frustrated and extremely burnt out. Sure, full time work and uni for three years was tough but then going straight into studying for a valuers licence in the summer time wasn’t my idea of fun. I wanted a break to enjoy summer in Perth because I’ve literally been ‘go go go’ ever since I moved to Perth eight years ago. But I also wanted a pay rise so money won in the end.

New development inspections call for a mirror selfie!

My boss was right, getting my valuers licence was SO worth it. I got the time flexibility I so badly craved. I worked my own hours & worked from anywhere I wanted. But there was still something missing.

So October 2014, I quit my job. I went to Queensland and Bali, spent some time in Perth and then moved to Melbourne. I’ve had a love affair with Melbourne for over five years so the move was well overdue. At first, it wasn’t easy. I was seriously doubting the timing of the move, wishing I had stayed with the original plan which was to move at the end of summer.

But as luck would have it, I instantly got a job with my old firm, where the office was situated 5 minutes from my house. At first, I chose to work decreased hours, making the most of my weekends and weeknights. After doubting the timing of the move the first two months, all of a sudden there was a massive re-structure in the firm and a really desirable position was made available to me.

If I think back to March last year, I didn’t even want my residential valuers licence, but all of a sudden, here I am applying for my commercial valuers licence.

My work friends (and boss) in Perth will be extremely surprised to hear this but what can I say, a lot has changed in the last five months. A change of scenery here in Melbourne has been so good for me but I think I also needed a break to stop and think about why I was doing what I was doing and what it is I enjoy.

First place I got to value in Melbourne: a converted chocolate factory!

And as I was looking for other jobs in Melbourne, it made me realise how good I had it. Valuing properties gives me the time flexibility I need but also the holiday flexibility as well. Will I change my mind again in 12 months time? Who knows. What I do know is that I have an incredible opportunity in front of me here in Melbourne with four directors that are SO willing to help me in any way they can and that’s one awesome feeling!



Two days before my property license reports were due for submission last week, I walked into my boss’s office & said I was quitting. It may come as a total shock to most but it’s been a long time coming. I had a leaving date set for end of November (one year after graduating) and then I moved it forward to August 2014 and then it sort of hit me; why not now?

I love property; I love going through the inner city apartments; I love meeting all the lovely agents, tenants and owners and all the wacky ones in between; I love doing my investigation work for those times when things just don’t add up; I love being in the city; I love having no two same days; and most importantly, I love the people in my office.

But that spark & that passion for what I do went away for a while. I tried to bring it back, I tried to push through it & I also tried to ignore that tug on the shirt sleeve but there was no denying it. Getting up for work was a struggle & I felt drained.

Maybe suddenly announcing I wanted to quit was a little over the top (dramatic is in fact, my middle name) but it sure brought action forward. Because when I really thought about it, the biggest reason I wanted to quit was because of the lack of time I have with my job. Working 8-6:30pm with a lunch break considered a rare occurrence, and the reports on top of it this year got a little too much.

So walking into my boss’s office, I was like, “here’s my resignation” but what I didn’t expect was for him to refuse it. I guess, sometimes I forget just how AMAZING my boss & my old boss really are. I got some time to think about it and some options too. Options I didn’t think were available but options that far outweigh what I had in mind, post resignation.

Long story short, the spark is finally back. And the most incredible thing? because I opened up to my work about the new business I’ve started this year, they have encouraged me to go for it & want me to do well in it (say what?)

Crazy what happens when you open up huh!

So for now, my life will be a juggling act but hasn’t it always been that way?

What a view;

The view from North Fremantle

Lately, I’ve been finding myself looking on real estate websites, dreaming about living near the coast. This one house in particular (the one above), I am absolutely in love with. It’s overlooking the swan river, the main river in Perth, it’s 5 minutes walk from my favourite beach, Port Beach & it’s just all round amazing.

Here’s two other photos of it:

The outdoor area overlooking the river

The view from upstairs

Now…..where did I put that $5 million dollars I had?

I <3 Valuating Houses;

The past two weeks, I’ve been helping out with residential valuations. The hours are long- 7:30am until 5:30pm, sometimes even 6pm but the work is so rewarding. Looking at houses over a million dollars, seeing the way that some people live is interesting.

I often find myself wondering, how are some of these people so successful? Was it just luck, hard work or did they inherit these amazing properties? Most the time, there’s a parent at home but lately, we’ve come across a large amount of nanny’s.

You know you’ve made it when you can go diving in the morning while a nanny looks after your two kids (real example from a Friday morning coastal property).

I’m going to put it all down to hard work to make myself feel better.

Busy first week at work

My first week at the new job went very well. Everyone has personally introduced themselves and majority have even stopped to talk for a while too. There’s about 27 of us and 18 of those are valuers.

I’ve learnt so much on my first week. I’ve overlooked 10+ residential property valuation inspections and one commercial valuation and written up two residential reports which I’m very pleased about! My boss jokingly said I should frame one…that’s not such a bad idea considering how long it took me to do the first one!

Next week my boss will be away for a few days (he flys out every fortnight for valuations in the country) so there’s a lot of preparation to be done on Monday. I cannot wait to be back at work. Some may say that sounds very workoholic-like but when you love what you do, is it really work?  It’s so much more than that. From what I’ve seen, everyone here is like a family, it’s your home away from home.

Room with a view

This morning, W & I went and looked at a block of land on the river for work. The land itself is worth 3.6 million dollars and the house that’s getting built is another 2.5 million dollars. It’s going to be a glass house, one side loooking onto this river.

What a view! I guess you can look at this in two ways- you either get jealous of what people have or you use it as a motivation to try better. I know I’m the latter.

Hi, I’m the new girl

I had my first day at the valuing firm today & let me tell you, my boss wasted no time! I went into the office at 8.30 (only 2 minutes from my house, amazing or what?) and by 9, we were already on the road to value four residential properties. It took us roughly an hour each because we had to look at four other nearby properties to see recent sales.

In the car, I got to talk to my new boss & get to know him a little better. I have a feeling we will get along very well! Back in the office, I met a Russian girl who is the same age as me so we bonded instantly. I went home for lunch…best thing ever! After lunch, the valuers started coming into the office after their morning inspections (the office is DEAD before 12pm).  It’s amazing being in an environment where everyone is going in the same direction as me or are people I can look up to for career guidance.

So my first day went amazingly well. I wasn’t the awkward new girl that didn’t have anything to do, I was constantly busy- already spoke to various property agents and residents regarding upcoming values! Tomorrow morning, I’m off for two more residential values before work and then who knows what the rest of the day has in store for me but I’m beyond excited!