Queensland Adventures;

In between finishing up as a Property Valuer and then flying off to Bali for a week, I haven’t had much time to sit down and write. Last week, I flew back to Perth for 24 hours before flying off to the Gold Coast of Queensland. I’m been here for a week for my best friend Sophie’s wedding before flying back to Perth for two weeks and then onto a new chapter of my life (more on that later).

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Monthly Round Up: May;

May was one of those months where it looked okay on paper but in reality, was a lot more chaotic than I would of liked! If there was one way to describe May? Total mix bag!

I checked out a new pilates studio, Lifestyle Boom; went to the sauna four times in one week & as many times as possible after that; fell in love with gym classes once again; did free yoga at the Lululemon store every Saturday morning and enjoyed lots of coastal + park walks with friends.

I did a one day makeup course with my friend K where we learnt that the trick is in the tools! I’ve been using the same makeup for YEARS (creature of habit) and although it does the trick, it looked SO much better with some better makeup tools & certain techniques. Plus, trying a new chemical free primer for oily skin was a total godsend!

Horrorshow, Seth Sentry and Bliss N Eso (my three favourite hip hop artists) came to town & they played an outdoor show. It felt good to put on some jeans, boots & a hoodie and enjoy some of my favourite music in the outdoors (especially because I got to experience it with my big sis which made it even better).

For the month of May, I’ve been off the white stuff (processed sugar) but more on that in another blog post! (recipe for the raw prune balls can be found here).

May also marked a massive change in my life. I attended a 5 day course called ‘Train the Trainer’ with David T.S Wood (pictured above) and 300 others. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone where I got up on stage and trained the room as best I could (it was SO much fun!!), played like a little kid, laughed like I’ve never laughed before and met so many incredibly genuine people, it still warms my heart two weeks later. So many previous friendships are THAT much closer now and all the new friends I made in those 5 days, feel like friends I’ve known a lifetime.

Dancing at 1pm on a Thursday, the usual!

Some pictures of me up the front with David. I had to go up after we watched a video about Nick Vujicic (no arms, no feet, no worries) and that was the hard part. I was sitting there, balling my eyes out & then the next minute my name got called out & I was walking to the front to present. If you haven’t heard of Nick, definitely check out his story on his website, it’s incredible.

David is the impeccable human behind ‘The Kickass Life‘ podcasts which I highly recommend downloading! Now that I’m doing so much driving everyday, I listen to hours of the podcasts and have learnt so much in the last two weeks.

And here’s a small fraction of the awesome people I got to train with from all parts of the globe.

The Monday after Train the Trainer, my beautiful friend Courtney shared her 5 month progress photos with me & they were nothing short of amazing. I’ve watched this girl change before my eyes & seeing the positive changes in her life this year has been a super proud moment for me. So I figured I would take my own progress photos & I was a little shocked to see the difference! The photo on the first was taken in May 2012 and when I saw it, I said to myself, enough is enough. I was eating poorly, my stomach was always bloated and I did not feel good at 21. Fast forward two years, a wheat free diet, nutritional cleansing & better overall health, I feel a million times better. You can read my 12 month nutritional cleansing story over here.

And if I thought life couldn’t get any better, the day after Train the Trainer, my best friend of 17 years, S, called me & asked me to be her bridesmaid in her upcoming Gold Coast wedding. I’ve never been a bridesmaid before but I couldn’t think of a more perfect first time than standing up there with my best friend and her little sister, Bec, who also happens to be my little sister (naturally).

And of course, no month is complete without some epic food dates with loved ones. Photos pictured from Harvest Espresso, Wild Fig, homemade pulled pork, Roasting Warehouse and The Raw Kitchen (and that’s raw black forrest cheesecake pictured – sugar free!)

Amongst all the things that made May amazing (and chaotic and crazy), I sat my interview with the Australian Property Institute and was accepted to be a Property Valuer (kinda a big deal but whatever).  So the last two weeks have been fun; going to lots of awesome houses & apartments and meeting a ton of owners, builders, selling agents and tenants.

Will June be any less crazy than May? I highly doubt it!

The sunshine state;

I love visiting friends in their hometowns. While my bestie has been between Auckland and Queensland for the past year, when K announced she was moving to Queensland late last year, I instantly planned a visit in my head.

Bestie & I flew in on the same morning so I did the very corny thing of standing at the arrivals gate with a bouquet of flowers in my hands & a massive grin on my face. It was her birthday the week before & she recently got engaged too! Plus, who doesn’t love a gorgeous bunch of flowers?

I spent some time on Macleay Island where her fiancé was living temporarily while helping work on the family home. The boys caught fish from the backyard while us ladies sat around and had drinks. And as far as island living goes, I was sold within minutes! Imagine waking up to this peaceful view & watching the sunset from your backyard!


Thought I could eat 2 desserts….until I saw the size of them! Mine were the two biggest ones!

When bestie headed down the coast the following afternoon, I headed into Brisbane to spend some time with K & A. There was dinner, drinks & the most toffee filled dessert involved. I haven’t been in the city since July 2011 when I was there quickly with bestie so it was good to go for a river walk with K in the morning & see more of the gorgeous city.

Walks around Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

On my third day, I headed down to the Gold Coast with K & A and we had lunch with S at the Rainbow Bay Surf Club. $15 for a jug of cider? dangerous! We haven’t all been together since we went to Sydney last November so it was awesome to catch up & get excited for all being home in NZ for christmas (I may or may not have a countdown set for that little reunion).

my other half, my bestie ❤

Considering it was the middle of winter, all I had worn in QLD was a pair of shorts or a skirt. QLD really lived up to its name as the Sunshine State! I spent the evening in Surfers, just doing my own thing, walking around & doing a little too much thinking. I really fell in love with the state but it all depends if I can survive another January there. Once bestie is all moved over, I’ll test that one again!

Surfers Paradise at night

& in the morning, looking towards Coolangatta and the NSW border


Broome snaps & things to do;

The photos are finally here! I packed a disposable camera for my Broome trip (I’m loving the waterproof ones!) because I love the photo quality and how much they remind me of my summers in New Zealand; I went through countless rolls of film every summer back home! Unfortunately, out of the 19 photos I got on film last month, only a few turned out. Luckily, S got a brand new camera on the way to Perth so in this post, there’s a mix of film, digital & iphone snaps. Can you guess which ones are which?

The walk to the beach which took 7-10mins but felt like hours!

The infamous Cable Beach!

This is how I spent every day; reading under the umbrella & going for long swims every hour. Life is tough….

The hourly swim

It was usually calm though!


The beautiful Miss S


Camels! They were such beautiful things

Oh so adorable!


& I found them hilarious!

Before the ride with our camel, Zara


How many times have you been photobombed by a camel?

The camel tour people were so lovely- they took so many snaps for us on our own cameras


Nothing like a West Coast sunset!


$4 for two chicken quesadillas…cheapest meal in town!

& because no Broome trip is complete without a visit to Matso’s Brewery!


Beer tasters

What would I recommend?

– Staying in Cable Beach because you’ll want to be in the water all day every day (and the guys at Beach Hut have you sorted for umbrellas, sun lounges, beach chairs, sunscreen AND cold water every day)

– The pizza from The Sunset Bar (and the amazing view of the sunset isn’t too bad!)

– The sticky date pudding from The Zoo Cafe in Cable Beach (for only $10, it was devineeeee!)

Hiring a car for the day and heading to Gantheaume Point via Kavite Road (the red dirt road pictured first)

– Watching the sunset from the grass near Sunset Bar (complete with a bottle of wine or ciders!)

Matso’s Brewery in town which has yummy food and the tastiest ciders (their beers are pretty good too, according to S)

– Having dinner at Diver’s Tavern in Cable Beach for a super relaxed evening (that’s where the quesadillas are from!)

– Get plenty of Vitamin B1 supplements beforehand or during the trip if you’ve never experienced sand fly bites (very unpleasant and SO DAMN ITCHY!!)

Already planning my trip back…

Broome Adventures;

Last month, I went to Broome for the first time with my best friend. The weather forecast said it’d be 35 degrees everyday which was perfect, because Perth was getting down to 20 (cold in comparison to the 40+ summer days we’ve had). But something I realised when we stepped off the plane…35 degrees in Broome is TOTALLY different to 35 degrees in Perth!

After the initial shock & angry outbursts because it felt so uncomfortable, my body adapted by the second day. We spent our days laying on the beach under big umbrellas (thanks to Beach Hut or else I’d be a lot more sunburnt than I was!) and nights at the bar watching the sunset.

It was good spending time with S, someone who isn’t so clued up on social media (all she has is Facebook) so I had my phone on flight mode most of the trip, only checking Facebook/Twitter/Instagram updates early in the morning or just before bed. And I even managed to read two books instead of constantly refreshing my social media/checking emails/pinterest.

Last month marked sixteen years since S came into my life and we reflected on our earlier childhood fun, the teenage years & the last few years we’ve been apart (I hate remembering how long it’s been because it only makes me sad). The next 12 months are going to be full of change, and I welcome the change with open arms!

Until then, I’ll be making the most of my current situation & enjoying every minute of it!

NEXT UP: Photos from my Broome trip & things we got up to


 photo photo-8_zps9957aceb.jpg

I found this quote last week…..somewhere on the internet (thank god there’s a tag; via Striking Truths) and could not believe the timing. After a busy start to 2013, with work picking up at an increasing speed and uni also doing the same (thanks Murphy for your stupid law), I said yes to a last minute trip with my bestie. Considering the fact we haven’t spent more than a whole day alone in a year is a crazy thought (group catch ups with friends in Melbourne &Sydney last year don’t count).

So as you read this, I’m on my way to the airport for a week in Broome for quality, relaxing time with my best friend, S. I’m bringing my tablet with me to do some study but other than that, I plan to read, write and relax by the pool and have big chats with S.

Can I do 5 days with no social media or my phone? For someone that spends a crazy amount of time on Instagram…we’ll see about that one!



Waking up to this view….I felt like I was in New York!

After talking to my best friend S last weekend, and feeling super sad I was missing her birthday celebrations in Melbourne, she put me on a flight Saturday morning (thank YOU bestie for the sweet flight hook ups!) to surprise the rest of our friends in Melbourne. Saturday was spent enjoying a midday drink to start the birthday celebrations, followed by some shopping on Bridge Rd (my favourite shopping destination) and then an early dinner on the rooftop of a Richmond pub as the sun went down.

My time with bestie was short, we were only together for 19 hours so instead of having a big night, we opted for drinks in the hotel room. It had been a year since we all caught up together (two of our close friends moved to Melbourne, the ones I surprised) so it was good to just sit there & enjoy each others company.

Sunday was spent people watching along the Southbank over brunch with K & A who moved to Melbourne last month, followed by some exploring through the laneways and a solo shopping trip along Chapel St. I hurried back to Southbank before sunset (you bet I googled what time the sunset) and Melbourne looked absolutely stunning.

Walking across the bridge to Southbank


View from Southbank, anyone else getting a New York vibe??

There’s that tall tower in the first photo above, known as the Eureka Skydeck. I first climbed in during the day three years ago so I was keen to go at sunset this time. My obsession with heights started from a very early age…just look at that view! ❤

Sunday night was spent catching up with an old Perth friend over dumplings & green tea at Chocolate Buddha followed by drinks under a bridge (at Ponyfish) with Paris, someone I’ve been friends with on twitter for sometime (wooo social media!). Thank you Paris for providing a night of comedy & lots of free wine!

Inside the Ice Bar, Melbourne… -12 and I felt right at home!

Monday, I caught up for breakfast with J, a girl I met in Amsterdam who I later partied with in Berlin early last year. It’s funny, someone I’ve only caught up with on three prior occasions felt like an old friend. That’s the thing I love about traveling, meeting people that become your best friend within a few hours. You both open up because you’re in a unfamiliar place and really, you have nothing to lose.

Monday was actually another friends birthday so we went to Madame Brussels for jugs of Sangria, cheese platters and pate. Melbourne did what it does best, went from cloudy to sunny to moments where I had to cover my face with a scarf so it didn’t burn!

With so many friends now living in Melbourne, three days wasn’t enough but it was a good little unexpected holiday and it was JUST what I needed. Now I’m back to uni for another semester and counting down the days until my next trip to Melbourne mid- November.

16 weeks. I cannot wait to be back in Melbourne!

Sad & lonely without S;

Today I found myself driving to the South Perth foreshore, parking up in the rain and having a good cry. I had just heard something I didn’t want to hear and a flood of emotions washed over me today & I found myself calling my best friend S in New Zealand. But she wasn’t in NZ, she was on her way from Brisbane to Auckland which was a good 4 hour flight (she’s an air hostess).

Those 4 hours felt like a lifetime but once I finally heard from her, I had calmed down & could finally think straight. It feels like it’s been weeks since we’ve last talked properly because in between her flying & my exams, our free times have clashed. It also doesn’t help that I’m 4 hours behind so by the time I finish work on a good day, it’s bed time in NZ….that’s if she’s home, flying doesn’t keep her home much.

The conversation was brief but we’ve arranged a time we’re both free tomorrow…finally. It’s days like today that I really hate having my best friend 8,000 km’s away. I long for the days where I can get in my car & drive to her house, or like 5 years ago, where I could walk to her house around the corner. I’m fortunate that I’ve gotten to see her so many times a year recently but with the chaos in both our lives at the moment, the future is looking very uncertain. We always manage something, so who knows.

Hanging up the phone tonight, both of us in tears, made me realise I need her around more often.

I don’t like goodbyes.

I’ve been very fortunate in the past year that I’ve been able to see my best friend four times, considering we both work full time, I study half the year and we live 8 hours flight apart.

It was S’s fourth visit to Perth since I moved over here five years ago, three visits thanks to her work, Virgin Airlines. It was one of our shorter times together but we did plenty to make up for it.

The goodbyes never get any easier though. This time was a lot harder than usual because neither of us know when we’ll be visiting each others home turfs next. While S is in the process of relocating to the east coast of Australia this year, I’ve got a lot of thinking to do about my future movements.

If I want to move back to New Zealand in the future, I need to stop making trips back home 1-2 times a year because it comes at a cost of visiting other places. There’s so many places I’m still yet to visit like New York, Thailand and Rio before I can even think about going back to some of my favourite places such as Bali, LA and Berlin.

I’m racking my brain trying to think of ways I can work less yet be able to travel more. Any ideas?

My weekend with S

My weekend in summary:

– Sleep ins

– Lunch at The Greenhouse

– City trip to look at new buildings (I’m a geek okay)

– Fererro ice cream mixed with chocolate brownie and oreo biscuits

– Fremantle

– Local pub hang outs

– Big group dinners

– Big hangovers

– Drinking cider on the way to LUNCH cause it was that bad

– Leederville catch ups with old housemate KM

S, myself & K

– Farewell party for my old housemate KM

– Sad times 😦

– Rainy mornings

– AM coffee runs

– Naked Fig lunch date with bestie & 2 European friends

– Photo times at Swanbourne beach

– Kings Park views (cause the city’s changed a lot since I last went up)

– Sunday night cuddles before late night flight

– Very sad times

I had my bestie with me for everything I did this weekend…I wish we could do this more!