Friday Letters- the ones that never come on time;

Last day of spring in Perth <3

Last day of spring in Perth ❤


I’m really enjoying the ‘Friday Letter’s but I’m struggling to have them up on the Friday (hence why most are late than on time!) Do I still call them ‘Friday Letters’ if they are uploaded on Sundays? Or do I rename them?

Here are my letters for the week:

Dear Fabric, London;

It’s been two years since I partied in your three-level premises but with another year of university, my return doesn’t look like it’ll be any time soon. It was hard deleting your weekly newsletters, but it broke my heart even more seeing those Friday line-ups. I’ll be back soon enough.

Dear big sis;

I was feeling pretty flat last week, the holiday season didn’t look so bright until you mentioned you’ll be home for Christmas!! Way to get me excited! Can’t wait to see you in 20 days for lots of sun, beach & catching up.

Dear Armani;

I’m not sure what you put in your new ‘Maestro‘ Fusion Foundation but I am in loveeeeeee! Considering I’ve always had oily skin & powder needs to be applied several times a day, I love the fact I haven’t touched my powder since I’ve started using your amazing foundation. And who could forget the fact that after an 11 hour day, my face still looks fresh? Definitely gets the tick of approval from me!

Dear sparkling wine;

We are never, ever getting back together. Ever.

Port Beach: My Happy Place

Port Beach at 7pm

My doctor said that my stress levels are too high… would think now that uni is over, stress should be gone right? I feel like it’s quite the opposite. Past two weeks have been hell, waiting very very impatiently for uni results to come out. Well, they were released today and although I passed two, I failed one unit.

In between celebrating my 21st, moving out of home and trying to deal with some personal stuff this semester, uni took the hit- especially my economics unit.

But what’s helping me stay calm & make decisions? Big, long walks along my favourite beach. As much as I would love to move to a new city, there’s no other city in the world I can think of where I can drive from work or my house to the beach in 15 minutes (without traffic and 25 minutes with traffic).

So for now, Perth you win.

Healthy eating & total health kick;

Various meals & snacks I’ve made

Now that the temperature is starting to heat up, I’m seeing a massive difference in the foods that I eat. Lately, I’ve been craving a lot of salads with egg and chicken or tuna.

Past few weeks, I’ve done a complete 180. I did a detox (not sure if anyone wants to know but I’ll stop at the words colonic) where the nurse thought I may not be eating for my body so I went home & booked myself an appointment with a naturopath. So next few weeks will be all about changing the foods I eat.

I’m interested to see if eating for my blood type is any good, does anyone have any experiences with that?

Weekend away;

As a little end of semester treat to myself, I booked a weekend away down south, about 3 hours from the city. My best friend S flew over from NZ on Wednesday and we drove down on Saturday morning.

We stayed at the Australis Hotel in Margaret River where dinner & breakfast was also included. Such a good escape!

Here’s some photos from the trip:

The front of our room

The main street in the town

One of the wineries down south

Prevelley Beach

Eagle Bay, by far one of the prettiest beaches!

Another one of Eagle Bay

I’m definitely returning to Eagle Bay again this summer!

Sunny September

Port Beach with L & C

Today I caught up with L & C, my two European friends! We had drinks in the sun, some snacks (late lunch for me) and then we walked along my favourite beach which I think they’re starting to like as well.

Days like today, when it’s 25 degrees outside, make Perth not so bad. September & October are my favourite months because it’s just starting to get warm but come summer, and the weather is a little too much for my liking! Now that I don’t have to catch the train to work, it might not be so bad but my plans are come November, drive down to Port Beach every evening for a swim and/or run.

I’m excited for summer 2011/2012!

I love September

I love every September but this one especially….I’m moving out! I didn’t actually think I would move out of home while I was at university but after thinking about it, it’s actually quite affordable.

I’m moving in with one of my best friends (referred to as the Perth best friend or my sister), someone I’ve known since the day I got here nearly 5 years ago. She lives 1 minutes drive from my work and 5 minutes drive from university so it’s all worked out perfectly I think!

There’s roughly 2 or 3 weeks left until I was meant to be moving to the new house so at least I don’t need to hurry & pack this weekend, I have a few weeks left to do that. I was really excited about moving down to the new house but because it’s so far from work & uni, it wouldn’t be ideal. I’m still going to decorate my room down there & spend time there whenever I can though.

So other than the big move, I have a week off from uni this month, a few birthdays, one assignment, one test, one festival and one hip hop gig (so far). It’s the first day of spring today so I’m looking forward to spending more time outdoors and some time down at the beach end of this month.

Bring on summer!