Monthly Round Up: July;

July was a relatively quiet month. Following my report submission last month, I spent this month studying and having mock interviews with industry professionals. Most days looked like this: wake up, work, study, work, gym/sauna and sleep.

The sauna is my go to place in the winter months, especially now that I’m living in Melbourne. I think there’s nothing more relaxing than a sauna session before bed and when I finally decide what city I will base myself in, my future home will definitely have a sauna!

July wasn’t ALL about herbanating. H moved over from New Zealand so we went to Myrtles Crepes one Sunday; I finally checked out Chez Dre`, Lentil as Anything & Axil Roasters. Highly recommend them all!

Haloumi & corn fritter from Axil Roasters. YUM!

& after talking to my housemate one evening and realising we both love Christmas, we hosted a little Xmas in July party at our place which fell on Saturday 25th (couldn’t of been more perfect!)

We had a Christmas tree, santa hats/christmas sweaters, the best homemade gingerbread cookies, mulled wine and a room filled with lovely people. It honestly felt like Christmas.

Only 5 more months until Christmas time in December 😀

Monthly Round Up: June;

In the last week of May, my boss had this crazy idea that I could get my reports together in three weeks for my Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) qualification. I love tight deadlines but even then, I thought, “is this guy mad?”

Venus Bay escape

I spent the first weekend of June, relaxing by the fire in Venus Bay and then my head was down for the rest of the month getting my reports together. I had to physically submit three copies of three reports and it was something I did in May 2014 (for a lesser qualification) but for some reason, it was much less stressful the second time round.

And you know what? I submitted by 3pm (with a 5pm deadline) and walked away feeling so proud. I seriously doubted myself but when you have your director, who hasn’t known you for very long, saying it’s possible, I just ran. Part 1 of 3 was complete so I treated myself to a weekend of doing whatever I pleased which included a movie night, brunch date, relaxing at home, 1,000 steps and seeing Hermitude.

The walk to the 1,000 steps. My happy place!

But there’s one day in June that sticks out to me the most. On Tuesday 23rd, I booked myself in for a skin analysis, something I’ve been meaning to do for months. Over the years, I’ve been in the routine of looking after my skin, getting peels/facials but eating poorly. Then I realised the products weren’t working if I wasn’t looking after myself from the inside so I focused on eating well and exercising which led me down the path of natural medicine and oils. For the last two years, I’ve been cutting chemicals out of my life, in the food & product sense (Sarah Wilson has been one of the biggest driving factors behind this).

In the last three years, I’ve attempted to cut out sugar every year with little success. I’ve managed to go somewhere between a month and three months before something happens that makes me have a little and then binge. It’s literally the worst addiction I’ve ever had (and there’s been a lot of addictions over the years).

So when I got my skin looked at this month, and the dermal clinician said my face was extremely dehydrated (amongst other things) and recommended a number of skin products and treatments (which are long overdue), the only thing I could think about was….quitting process sugar for good.

In that moment, I made the decision to quit sugar that very second if I was going to be focusing on my skin from the external surface. Unlike previous posts on the blog, I’ll be talking about my experience quitting (processed) sugar the further I am down that path.

Another highlight from June? Having C over from Sydney for the weekend and checking out Serotonin Dealer. I am definitely living in the right city to quit processed sugar!

C on the swings at Serotonin Dealer. Best idea ever!

Plate of goodness!

Goodbye 2nd year!

Late nights spent on campus

Last night, I sat my last exam for the year but thinking about the fact I’m now free hasn’t sunk in yet. No more late nights and weekends spent at home does sound pretty awesome though! Now if only 2013 can fly by as quickly as 2012, I’ll be one very happy girl!

Overcoming Procrastination;

Hands up if you can relate to the image above? As I’m sitting here writing this post, I’m procrastinating writing this post! I don’t know if it’s my short attention span or my pure laziness, but I struggle on a daily basis. Sometimes I’m able to get enough motivation & energy to do something but if I can find any reason not to, I will.

I came across this article recently that stated there are two ways to overcome procrastination: jump straight into the task or to ease your way into it. If you’re like me and sometimes lack the motivation to jump straight into something, the latter, known as solar flaring, may be of some use.

Here’s some tips on how to overcome procrastination (for those too lazy to go to the real source):


  • Just put your iPod on and play some of your favorite music that you listen to when you exercise.
  • Just change into your gym clothes.
  • Just 5 minutes on the cardio machine.


  • Just write out the sender’s email address, subject line, and a couple bullet points of things you want to write.
  • Just clean your inbox and get it to zero.
  • Just check up on emails you have to follow up on soon.

Cleaning living room

  • Just put the cups and dishes in the sink.
  • Just put the litter in the bin.
  • Just put the trash near the door on the way out.


  • Just create the Word document and save it into the right folder.
  • Just write the outline of the document.
  • Just write the introductory paragraph.

I’ve been using it ever since and let me tell you, I’m on a road to success! With a few shiny things distracting me along the way…


This week, I gave back the keys for what was my home for the past 7 months. I’m not sure if it was the last visit to the place or the fact that my old housemate KM has left for Dubai, but I’ve been feeling rather down. As soon as my alarm clock has gone off at 5:38am, I have dreaded the days ahead of work all day & uni at night. I guess since moving 40 minutes away from work & uni 3 weeks ago, it’s taking its toll on me. I come home exhausted, with no motivation to do any uni assignments….even though one is due this Friday & another next week.

This isn’t like me so I’m hoping this feeling goes away soon. I hired a treadmill yesterday which will be arriving tomorrow but I’m afraid it’s 2 weeks too late. But like that old cliche` goes, better late than never huh? I’m just thinking back to this time last year when I hired a treadmill and just how much it improved my moods and my studying….cannot wait to be in that mind frame again!

Port Beach: My Happy Place

Port Beach at 7pm

My doctor said that my stress levels are too high… would think now that uni is over, stress should be gone right? I feel like it’s quite the opposite. Past two weeks have been hell, waiting very very impatiently for uni results to come out. Well, they were released today and although I passed two, I failed one unit.

In between celebrating my 21st, moving out of home and trying to deal with some personal stuff this semester, uni took the hit- especially my economics unit.

But what’s helping me stay calm & make decisions? Big, long walks along my favourite beach. As much as I would love to move to a new city, there’s no other city in the world I can think of where I can drive from work or my house to the beach in 15 minutes (without traffic and 25 minutes with traffic).

So for now, Perth you win.

Down time

If I thought that moving out of home so I could be closer to work & uni would save me time, I was terribly, terribly wrong!

I mean yeah, I’m saving time by sleeping in/resting & not driving far but I still have to find the time to do my washing, shopping & cooking….on top of studying & working. And to top it all off, I moved just before the end of semester so uni is crazy busy at the moment.

Good news is, end of exams are 17 days away. My summer holidays start in 17 days!! I am beyond excited. Only THEN will I be able to enjoy living out of home.

Now I just need to pass my exam tomorrow & two others in two weeks time & I can forget about this semester!