Sydney adventures;

When Chet Faker announced a second tour for 2015 and the Sydney show was going to be outside the Opera house, overlooking the harbour bridge, I booked my flights straight away. What a venue!


Photo taken by Daniel Boud


via Chet Faker’s Instagram

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Sydney Long Weekender;

Last Thursday, I caught the red eye to Sydney. After going to Sydney in December 2013, I honestly did not think I would be going back so soon but when cheap flights & a personal development seminar popped up, I couldn’t resist.

On the Friday, I had breakfast at Pablo & Rusty’s before doing some shopping & getting my hair done. Then it was a quick trip to Bondi Junction for lunch at Earth to Table with a friend from the UK before pancakes with my old Perth personal trainer who now works on a cruise ship (talk about good timing being in the same city that weekend!)

So glad to be reunited with KY!

There was no time to rest before dinner with an old Perth friend & then an opportunity night presented by a dear friend. I see PK share her vision & get excited about her biggest passion, young people living life by their own design ALL the time but it seriously never gets old!
Saturday & Sunday was all about learning & stretching & growing. I was also lucky enough to be part of a leadership training session on the Saturday night & we all walked away with so many golden nuggets from very inspiring people.
Sunday night, I caught up with an old friend from school. I attended high school in Perth for a brief 3 months in early 2007 & was lucky to meet some incredible people, G being one of them. Although I’ve seen her at parties and birthdays since 2007, we never actually hung out 1 on 1. Sunday night, we went out for sangria & tapas and just bonded. She’s been in Sydney for the last year & having moved cities just before we met, I remember just how isolating it can be at the beginning. I gave her some tips based on my hindsight & walked away from that dinner skipping down the road with the biggest smile on my face.
As of late, I’ve been attracting so many like minded people into my life, new & old. And watching a Wayne Dyer documentary last night, I guess he was right when he said, “We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are”.
Monday was the day I was most excited about. Every time I come to Sydney, I try spend as much time as I can in Bondi because it’s up there in my top 5 happy places. I spent the morning walking from Bondi to Coogee which took an hour or so. New South Wales has one of the most gorgeous coast lines (you can see more of it from my previous visit).

Icebergs, Bondi Beach

I caught up with Miss Bondi Yogi Caroline & then two friends who recently moved over from the UK (who I haven’t seen since I visited in December 2010!) The world really is moving closer & closer together & I for one, love it . Things like Facebook & Skype have kept me in touch with friends from the northern hemisphere for years so when we do finally see each other, it feels like we’ve never been apart.

Now if there’s one place you must visit when you’re in Bondi, it’s Bondi Wholefoods. Just look at these blueberry spelt pancakes!

I left Sydney already thinking about my next trip back. I have a feeling my next trip back will be an extended visit (living the location free lifestyle so watch this space!)

Back in Sydney;

On my way to Auckland a few weeks ago, I did a 3 day stop over in Sydney. It’s been a year since I was last there & I’ve been saving a list of places to check out since then.

On the first day, I caught up with a friend for drinks at Watson’s Bay Beach Club. We caught the ferry across where you can check out all the gorgeous coastal houses along the way (my fave). For an early dinner, we went to Jamie’s Italian which is a favourite of mine in Perth (check out photos from a visit here) and I couldn’t believe how much better the Sydney restaurant was (sorry Perth). I got exactly the same dishes (aracini balls for starters, 3 way cannelloni for mains and brownie for dessert).

Travelling in December is so beautiful. Everywhere you look, there’s christmas decorations! This was a little something in the Darling Harbour:

On my second day, I hired a car & drove out to Balmoral Beach for breakfast.

The boathouse/boatshed came highly recommended. It’s situated on the water with yummy food & the most gorgeous decor.

After breakfast, I drove to the Central Coast to visit my friend J in Umina. J & I were really good friends back in NZ when we were 8 & although I’ve seen her since she left NZ, we’ve mainly kept in touch over letters & facebook the last 15 years. It was so crazy to see J, her sister, her mum & even her nana because it’s been so long yet they all still look the same as what I remember. We all had a little catch up, remembering  funny things from when we were growing up & then J took me to Terrigal for lunch. Such a beautiful coastal town!

Terrigal Beach

Terrigal coast

On my last day, I headed down to Bondi first thing, got a juice from Lamrock Cafe & then walked along the coast to Bronte. The Bondi to Bronte coastal walk is quite a popular one & I was really regretting not wearing my sneakers on this day!

The over photographed, Bondi Icebergs cafe/pool

The view to Bronte

I had the most incredible breakfast at G’Day Bronte & I would highly recommend the coastal walk with the reward of breakfast at the end!

Some other Bondi recommendations:

Porch (cute little cafe a short walk from the beach)

Deli Bottega (situated off the main strip but good food & the owner is super lovely)

& what I definitely don’t recommend: forgetting your bathers at home/in your hotel on a sunny Bondi day. Good thing there’s a few shops in Bondi that will sort you out (a girl can never have enough pairs right?)

Until next time Sydney!

Eat + Drink: the Sydney edition;

The Bucket List, Bondi Beach

Since it’s been two years since my last Sydney trip, my list of things to do & places to go was HUGE. My last trip was all about the coast; catching the ferry across to Manly and going to the beach where Home & Away is filmed. This time, it was more about the food and the bars. Even though I covered a lot, there’s still so many places I would love to check out. Next time huh?

Here’s a list of the places I visited AND I would highly recommend:


– Kelly’s Bar and Grill, Bondi Junction (Tasty ribs with an amazing view)

Bavarian Bier Cafe, Bondi Beach (good priced food that you can eat by yourself or share)

Bondi FM Cafe, Bondi Beach (good breakfast spot)

Bona Fides, Sydney CBD (good breakfast spot)

Cafe Sydney, Sydney CBD (good for lunch, over looking the harbour bridge)

Icebergs Bistro, Bondi Beach (good lunch spot with a view over the beach)


The Bucket List (looking over Bondi beach as pictured above)

Since I Left You, Sydney CBD (small little laneway bar, good for after work drinks)

Hemmesphere, Sydney CBD (sushi & cocktail lounge with a very impressive wine list, the photos on the site don’t do it any justice!)

Blu Bar on 36, Shangri-La Hotel Sydney CBD (go here at 5:30pm to watch the sun go down)

Fat Freddy’s Shack, Bondi FM Cafe

Icebergs Bistro, Bondi Beach

The view from Cafe Sydney

Breakfast at Bona Fides, Sydney CBD

Do you have some places I should add to my list for next time?

Reunited in Bondi;

My best friends ❤

No matter how many days I schedule for Bondi, it never seems to be enough. I spent 4 days in Bondi this time but I’m starting to think I’ll need a few months to feel satisfied. Waking up to that gorgeous bay could never get tiresome (just ask Eugene, who takes photos down there every single morning!)

My friends started arriving Saturday afternoon and before long, we had a bucket of sangria in our room that was all polished off (solid effort!) We stayed on the main strip so we just had to walk outside to get something to eat (we went to a Bavarian cafe that had yummy meals and plates to share which were also really well priced).

The weekend was spent eating, drinking, checking out new places and just being around each other as much as possible. Nothing about the weekend was planned other than our accommodation and it was nice to be able to just take our time waking up, eating breakfast around noon and laying on the beach on Sunday afternoon with no rush to go anywhere.

One friend left on Sunday night and the rest of us parted ways on Monday. The tears weren’t there this time (for anyone) and I guess it’s because we’re all one plane ride away from each other and the time between catch ups will never be too far apart. As one friend talks about stopping by Perth later next year, another two friends are just waiting to announce their moving dates (to Australia). Yeah it sucks not having your best friends by your side when all you want is a cuddle but I sometimes forget how far away they are with the amount of text messages, skype calls and phone calls that are exchanged between us.

It’s been nearly six years since I moved across the ditch but as we have gotten older, it has gotten easier to arrange these trips now that we’re all working full time. The next trip seems a while away but if the past year is anything to go by, it’ll be here in no time.

I’ll never get sick of this view!

Pre-breakfast walks along the coast


Sangria: backpacker style!

Coming up: a post about places to eat and drink at in Sydney & Bondi 

Bucket List: Flying over Sydney;

On my list of 25 things I want to do before my 25th birthday, flying over Sydney was one of them (Eugene, a Bondi- based photographer may have had something to do with it). I chose ‘Heli Experiences‘ who are based near the airport. We flew into the city, around the harbour bridge and then out to North Bondi and down the coast to Cronulla and then back to the airport. Most rides go for 20 minutes but we were lucky enough to get 25 minutes (we couldn’t fly into the airport for 5 minutes because of other planes/helicopters). It’s my favourite way to see a city!

You can contact Heli Experiences: here

Sydney: Round two;

This Thursday, I’m on the red eye to Sydney (didn’t I learn last time?) with one Perth friend and 6 other kiwi’s waiting for me. We never really planned to be in one place at once, it just happened.

When B said she’ll be flying with her boyfriend New York to New Zealand via Sydney in November, I jumped at the chance to meet her (I haven’t seen her since early January). Since my best friend S is a flight attendant, it wasn’t a question of if she can make it, it’s more of how much time will we get with her (turns out, she gets a whole week! WOO). Next up it was Mase and her boyfriend who are driving from Melbourne to Brisbane in November but they didn’t have a date set….easy, I’ve set the date for you guys! All that was left was Z, my other close friend from NZ who is now living in Melbourne. She didn’t want to miss out on the gathering so she’s coming up for 2 days.

I’m excited! It’s been 18 months since us five girls were together at the same time & I can’t wait to introduce them to my Perth friend, K. After 6 days in Sydney, Perth friend & I are off to Melbourne to do some shopping, exploring and then I’ve got to do mass catch ups with the Melbourne residents (I seem to have more friends in Melbourne than Perth!) I’ve made the decision not to take my laptop with me so make sure you follow me on instagram: winterlustvo

Until my return, I’ve got a few posts scheduled 🙂