Officially finished!

University results have finally been released & I’ll be graduating in February 2014! It’s crazy to think I started in February 2011 with no intention to work & study full time but after 3 months in Europe, I needed to do full time hours & I refused to study part time. I said to myself that I’d do 1 semester like that & then cut down in work but then end of semester came along & I got a new job in property valuations & I never quite slowed down!

It still hasn’t quite hit me that I’m done. It may be the fact that I’ve still got to get my residential and commercial valuers license next year which requires some study, report writing and interview preparation but it won’t be anywhere near as intensive as 3rd year university.

I have looked back on the last 3 years and wondered how I managed to fit it all in. Would I do that again? Absolutely not. It was a constant battle, trying to decide if my work, study, sleep, exercise or friends were more important. Because most weeks were ‘work, study, sleep’ repeat, I couldn’t let my sleep suffer so most times, it was my grades that suffered but somethings gotta give right?

So many people ask me, “so what are you going to do now that university is finished?” and the truth is, nothing too crazy. There are a number of places I’d like to go on holiday in the next 12 months but because I’ve been working in the industry for the last 2 & a half years (and for the same firm), I don’t need to apply for graduate jobs so I’ve got it pretty good!

I’ve got a list of things I’d like to do more of such as air yoga, pilates, meditation & a whole lot of beach walks so I’m excited to get back into a routine in the new year.

But until then, I’ve got friends to see in New Zealand. 3 hours until take off!


With all the uni assignments and exams at the moment, I haven’t had the chance to stop & think about all the amazing things that have happened over the past 6 weeks. I’ve gotten my car back (finally!); went hiking with girlfriends where we barely stopped to rest because we had so much to talk about; there’s been birthday celebrations where I’ve dragged 3 of my closest girlfriends along for a 12 km ‘fun run’; there’s been another visit to Jamie’s Italian because I just cannot get enough of the raspberry brownie; there’s been a girls night at B’s with lots of red wine & yummy food; lots of river walks with friends; breakfast & lunch dates; personal training sessions for bikini body season; pizza night at work; lots of gym/swim/sauna sessions; ticking off long awaited cafe visits to Moore & Moore and Venn; helping people get healthy with the nutritional cleansing products I’m obsessed with and the rare outing with old friends where it felt like I took a step back into 2009.

& to think that I’ll be finished with all things university in 6 weeks time! SO SOON!

Winter Break ’13;

On Thursday night, I completed my last exam for the semester & I can’t express how much lighter I feel now. There’s a few things I wish I had done differently (like take March a little more seriously and take some time off during study week) but it’s all in the past now & here’s to one more semester at uni! That thought still hasn’t sunk in yet & it probably won’t until I get my results back in a few weeks but still a crazy thought none the less!

What have I been up to post exams? Treating myself to all sorts of chocolate, my favourite pizza (chicken and avocado with caesar sauce), skype chats with big sis, personal training with K.S followed by walks around Fremantle & lunch at Bib & Tucker (above view- can you believe it’s the middle of winter here?), river walks with M where there was a lot of Cali dreaming going on & enjoying a lovely Saturday night in watching cheesy Zac Efron movies & catching up on emails & blog posts.

What’s in store for the next five weeks? Oh you can bet it’s going to be an action packed five weeks!

Lately….because it’s been awhile;

With 2013 being my last year of uni & March being one of the busiest social months as of late, I’ve really ditched the blog. I’ve wanted to sit down numerous times but when the clock says 11:15pm and writing wakes up my brain, I’ve had to tell myself no….as hard as it has been. I think 2013 blog wise, this little writing space of mine will be filled with monthly summaries and the occasional post that is too special to fit in with the said summaries.

So here’s the March summary. Property Finance, Property Development, Property Economics and Specialised Property Valuations at uni. Lots of family court jobs at work as well as development potential valuations that have gotten me excited beyond words. Beach swims with old friends. Pool swims. Soundwave Music Festival where I got to see Sum 41, Garbage, Blink 182 & Cypress Hill. Sculptures by the Sea in Cottesloe. Breakfast dates with big sis. Hen’s Party. Airport pick ups. Steak Nights. Quick lunch catch ups with big sis before she flew out, next home visit unknown. Fishing at Wedge. Sets on the Beach with Hermitude and DJ Lord. The end of something. Work Drinks. Wedding. Dinner from high places. Easter Long Weekend.

Here’s a few snaps that make March the unforgettable month it was:

Garbage at Soundwave Festival

Sculptures by the Sea…I went on the very first morning and it wasn’t quite ready!

Pool hangs with K


Breakfast at Gordon St Garage with big sis

River walks that help recharge my batteries

He was pretty yummy 😉

There’s nothing quite like waking up on the beach & hearing the ocean crashing nearby

DJ Lord at Sets on the Beach, Scarborough

Witnessing the marriage between two dear friends- magical!

Dinner from the 33rd floor; C Restaurant


Phew. It’s been a big month! April, can you please be a little quieter for this introvert?

Now where was I?

Today, I finally said goodbye to summer school after an intensive six week study period. At times, I wondered, “what the hell was I thinking?” but I managed to pull through & it feels pretty damn amazing knowing I’m two units closer to finishing my degree!

The reason I did two units over the summer instead of one (like normal people), was the possibility of me finishing my degree five months earlier than planned and that far outweighed these six measly weeks (I’ve always been a pro’s and con’s list-kinda-girl!)

And you know what? I managed just fine these past six weeks. Sure I had to put the blog aside (it takes me forever to write posts because I stop and think about a dozen times) but I still had a life outside of work & university.

There were lunch dates, pool parties, early morning weekend markets, breakfast dates, Australia Day celebrations, a lot of beach time, wine tasting on a weeknight, lunch dates, a road trip, a very life changing moment with big sis (more about that later), a birthday boat party AND twice-weekly personal training sessions (because if summer school wasn’t enough, I also set myself a goal on the 2nd of January to be my absolute fittest by 9th February….talk about piling up my plate!)

2013 is looking good so far! Here’s a few snaps from the past six weeks:


I am OBSESSED with smoothies!


I’ve also managed to go relatively chocolate free thanks to these bad boys (prune raw balls with a whole lotta healthy things thrown in)


Checking out new breakfast spots recommended by friends- absolute favourite this one! [Ootong & Lincoln, South Fremantle]


& of course, the boat party of all parties! There’s me with my hand in the air within the first 30 minutes. Things didn’t end well!

What’s in store for me this year? a few weeks break & then a whole lot more uni now that I’m in my final year (hopefully!)

Last few hours of summer (holidays);

Where the hell did the past 46.5 days go? I definitely stayed true to my word of making the most of the summer, I managed to do all I set out to do except wake board (it’s been either too hot or too windy when I’ve wanted to go) plus a bunch of other cool stuff like thisthis and this. After the intensive 4.5 weeks of summer school, I’ve still got another 3 weekends to fit in a whole lot of beach, catch ups, road trips, birthdays and hopefully some wake boarding!

I am a little worried about what I’ve signed myself up for though. 16 hours at uni,  8-10 hours of reading prep AND my full time job all in one week? Then there’s also the assignments too. Luckily work is pretty quiet in January and my hours are flexible. I have had bestie comment that I’m good at being busy (is that a good thing?) nevertheless, I’ve got my meditation and mindfulness techniques up my sleeve just in case though!

I may be a little absent until early February, we’ll see though.

Goodbye 2nd year!

Late nights spent on campus

Last night, I sat my last exam for the year but thinking about the fact I’m now free hasn’t sunk in yet. No more late nights and weekends spent at home does sound pretty awesome though! Now if only 2013 can fly by as quickly as 2012, I’ll be one very happy girl!

Friday Letters- the rare edition;

I’ve been seriously lacking in the letters department the past two weeks but with all my uni assignments & tests now completed, time for some letters!

And this is how I study

Dear Property Investment Analysis;

You’re my favourite unit but also my hardest. Knowing there’s a 45% fail rate with this unit, I thought there was a typo with my results today. Please don’t let that be the case, I’ve never gotten 90% before! So chuffed.

Dear B (guy from work);

Yesterday, you tied my bag to my draw (not just any knot but a noose knot that I couldn’t undo- thanks a ton) but today, you outdid yourself by sending around an email to all staff from my desk and asking everyone if they wanted ice cream. Yeah REAL FUNNY.

Dear Corner Deli;

It’s the second day this week I’ve purchased ice cream from you (see above) and you probably think I’m a little crazy coming in & spending 5 minutes picking out dozens of ice creams but summer hasn’t even began yet and I have a feeling I’ll be the official ice cream runner for the next 6 months. Hope to be on a nickname basis soon!

Dear Ed Westwick;

Why are we not together? I mean, look at you. Reading is the most handsome thing of all.

 – – – –

If you want to see more Friday Letters, please click on the image below:

Brain rules;

Remembering things isn’t my strongest trait so when a lecturer mentioned I need to practice and time myself for an upcoming test, I made some wall notes. I’m the kind of person that has a photographic memory to the point where it’s a little freaky sometimes. Tell me to do something, I will most likely forget but ask me where I left a book/shoe, I could recall exactly where in an instant.

Good thing I realised I had a photographic memory long before I started university because it’s really helped with remembering things for exams using diagrams, tables & drawn up brainstorms (also known as mind maps).

Now, all those words in the picture above, to the right hand side may look like a long list but I’ve somehow taught myself to remember lists….only problem is, they have to be in that order! (brains, huh?)

So if you have trouble with your short term or long term memory, here’s a great tip I picked up from reading, “Brain Rules” back in June this year. If it’s short term memory that’s a problem, repeat to remember. In my case, I have to do it daily or once every second day for it to stick. Last minute cramming will only get me so far!

If it’s long term memory, remember to repeat. This is a great one for uni semesters, where you go over course material weekly or fortnightly, jogging your memory.

I hope those two tips can help someone as much as they’ve helped me! Now back to memorising that list…

Friday Letters- Thanks for the lousy directions;

Current location: uni campus

Dear Urbanspoon directions;

I wanted to impress an overseas Mechanic friend so I used you to direct me to the new Mechanics’ Institute Bar in Northbridge however, you sent me to a Fitness Institute on Aberdeen St which was a little embarrassing. Thanks to Renee’s photos over at her blog, I was able to see it was located on a lane way.

(seriously, if you’re in Perth, you have no excuse not to check out this new place! It’s located on a laneway, near the corner of William St & James St mall)

Dear Perth friends;

I’m not ignoring you, I swear! With university finishing up soon & work showing no signs of slowing down, all I want to do is have a hot shower and sleep. Promise to be more available from Tuesday 30th October!

Dear Inner Sparkle; 

All week, you’ve been fading away and then this morning, my favourite day of the week, you were nowhere to be seen. Please don’t do this to me when I need you the most 😦

Dear tights/stockings;

You’re all horrible, horrible pieces of material. What happened to the good pairs that lasted more than a day or shock horror, a week?

Dear Perth;

Even though I’m not feeling myself today, you’re trying really hard to make things better by turning it up to 25 degrees with a max of 27 degrees. I truly appreciate it, you stunner!