Here’s to 2014;

They say that the cure for anything is salt water & this right here, is my happy place. After 11 hours of flying/running/nearly missing a connecting flight, it was good to have a few hours on this beautiful piece of coast before I went back to work the following day.

2014 is going to be a big one for me. With university all done now, I need to get my residential & commercial valuers licence work wise & somehow fit in all the holidays I have planned. I’ve got a little side business going on which I’m putting in as much effort as possible this year (more on that later). I’m in this place where I want to share more but it’s still early days with a few things so I guess, all in good time!

In the mean time though, I’ll be making the most of Perth & the West because if there’s one motto for 2014, it’s this: find the beauty in everything.

Down south: the birthday edition;

View from the Bunkers Beach Cafe

Last Friday, I went on a little road trip two & a half hours south of Perth with five other girlfriends. We celebrated two birthdays over four days with lunch on the beach, visits to the local markets, wine tours (our own & an organised one) and far too much good food & wine. We were lucky enough to stay at B’s holiday house so when we weren’t out and about, we were at home, cooking venison, making up all sorts of platters and relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine.

It was good to get away for a long weekend with some friends; some I don’t see very often & one I hadn’t even hung out with properly but love dearly after that weekend away!

Check out my list of places to visit at the bottom of this post and let me know if there’s any you love that I can check out next time!

Lunch at Bunkers Beach Cafe

Our living room chill beds

Home-made ‘Devils on horseback’ (Dates, blue cheese and proscuitto) YUM!

Our yummy platter & side of caprese (all local produce!)

Raw cake from the Margaret River Markets…delish!

Outside The Grove Distillery

The outdoor area of Laurance’s Winery…how lush is that grass!

Because posing got a little boring this weekend..

And Laurance’s individual toilet rooms? They’re on another level!

Saracen…I’ll be back in the winter time with a glass of mulled wine in my hand!


Hay Shed Hill with the girls

This wasn’t all of it either…


Gluten free pancakes with sweetened cashew and maca cream, fresh banana and warm acai berry coulis…what a way to end a good trip away!





Weekend away: Margaret River;

With four days off work & nothing keeping me in Perth last weekend, I packed up my car and headed down to Margaret River. I booked my Sunday night accommodation in Gnarabup on the Friday night but didn’t actually have anything booked for the Saturday night until 30 minutes before leaving. Yeah, talk about last minute!

I thought I’d escape the heat of Perth but no such luck! So instead I made the most of it: I spent the weekend at Prevelly Beach, soaking up the sun, having lunch at The Cheeky Monkey Brewery (their ‘Howler‘ pizza is to die for!), watching ‘Argo‘ at Cape Mentelle (movies in a winery), enjoying a thai salad at The White Elephant cafe, hanging out with a kiwi and some Queenslanders at Surfpoint (backpackers by the beach) and of course, no trip down to Margaret River is complete without a few winery stops!

I always stop by Evans & Tate which is located on the corner of Metricup Road & Caves Road (I picked up a bottle of the pink Moscato) & this time, I stopped by a new winery called Island Brook Estate which the kind lady at Evans recommended for sweet reds (I also got a bottle of the Rose`).

Here’s a few pictures from my instagram from the weekend:

The gorgeous marquee for the bar area

Waiting for the sun to set..

And the beach?

I could of watched the waves for days!

Just like that;

Surfers Point, Margaret River | November 2011

With so many friends out of town this weekend & no plans in Perth for myself, I booked myself 2 nights accommodation in Margaret River (3 hours south of Perth). It’s currently 10:30pm & I’m off tomorrow morning. Talk about spur of the moment! There’s not really much I need to pack- just my bathers, sunscreen, towel and a few dresses.

Looks like I’m crossing off #3 on my list of 25 things before I’m 25!

Working Away Wednesday

Yesterday, I set my alarm for 3:38am for a 6am flight up to Exmouth. It’s a small little town 2 hours flight (or 1,260km’s) from Perth that is popular amongst tourists. I went up there for work but I also got plenty of time to see the place.

Doing a progress inspection on the construction of a house

After inspecting one house and doing 3 progress inspections, I had lunch at a little cafe & drove to the closest beach….it doesn’t really have a name so I’ll just call it the 1st stop.

Drove a commodore…how bogan of me.

Reaaaaally regretted not bringing my bathers when it was 35 degrees out

Then I drove to the other side of the coast, drove up the hill to my 2nd spot where I had this amazing view:

Starting this job 11 months ago, I never thought this would be a part of my job description but life sure does surprise me sometimes! Little trips like this remind me just how beautiful this state is & how much more there is to see for me.

Considering it’s rained the past two times S has come to Perth, definitely considering Exmouth as our little getaway next time!

Already planning the next

I haven’t even gone on my first holiday but I’m already planning my next getaway! My 21st birthday is next month and some girlfriends & I have thought about going on a road trip 4 hours down south to a small town called Margaret River which is famous for its wineries.

I found this gorgeous place called the Losari Retreat…

All I want is a cosy little place with a fire place and my three closest girlfriends and this place seems perfect!

Road Trip!

Tomorrow, as soon as I can get off work, I’m driving down to the country for a festival on Saturday called ‘Groovin the Moo’. I went last year and had such a great time. I’m going down for two nights, sleeping in a little studio apartment by the beach with two friends.

I can’t wait to see my favourite group, Horrorshow and all the other Australian Hip Hop artists. I’m sad that L won’t be there with me, my partner in crime but at least she’ll be there with me at the side show next weekend so it’s not too bad.

Now I just need to pack all my overnight clothes, some food and CDs and I’ll be all ready to go!

I love WA;

Last Monday, I went on a little 3 day road trip with my best friend down the coast. We drove 350km’s south of Perth to a place called Augusta, stopping at multiple beaches & towns along the way.

Preston Beach

Busselton Jetty

Prevelly Beach, Margaret River

Yallingup Beach

Leeuwin Point

We also stopped by a winery on the way down called Evans & Tate located in Margaret River. I’m a big wine drinker but I struggle to find sweet wine without people picking on me for having a sweet plate. The kind lady at the winery not only showed me their new moscato, she also introduced me to a fantastic sweet red wine known as ‘dolce’ and I am in love! FINALLY, I can drink red wine!

This trip down the west coast of Western Australia straight after Europe was perfect timing because it made me appreciate where I live so much more & made me realise just how lucky I am to be living on such a beautiful coast. Every beach was so clean & the water so clear.

What I didn’t miss was not having air con in my car! 35 degree days- we melted every time we got in.

But overall, I think I’ll be doing this sort of road trip at least once a year. This state is too beautiful not to explore.