The reason we all went down to Martinborough for new years was for a festival called ‘La De Da’. They had heaps of NZ acts I really wanted to see so I was very lucky to have a group to go with.

It’s the middle of summer so I had this cute outfit planned out. A few days before new years eve, it started raining and didn’t stop until the 2nd (when we left). Me and the girls I was staying with made a quick trip to the nearest department store and got gumboots and matching flannelette shirts….we were in the middle of a farming town after all.

Old me probably would of complained about the crap weather and even refused to enjoy myself but new me- loved it! I felt like I was at that UK festival Glastonbury¬†where they all wear gumboots because of the UK’s crap weather (and I’ve always dreamed of going to that festival). But most importantly, it was really fun walking through the mud in gumboots.

At the start of the afternoon

Half way through, people started sliding around in the mud!

My friend K ended up leaving her shoes in the mud that day & walked around bare feet

I woke up the next day and I could barely walk. Every single muscle in my legs and butt were in pain. Awesome exercise if you ask me!

Just chill;

Lately, I’ve been coming home so exhausted. It’s officially summer here in Perth but the weather is currently telling us otherwise….rain & thunderstorms.

I went to my parents new house last night, the one night it was clear and my father had just finished building the outdoor alfesco area. We sat outside and looked out onto the park, it was so peaceful. There’s still grass to be put into their new outdoor so I’ll post a picture once it’s all done.

For now, here’s some of my favourite relaxing outdoor settings:

I’m a massive fan of this one!

I love a good indoor/outdoor flow

And also, a massive fan of timber decking!

My weekend in iphone photos

Wheat bits with cut up kiwifruit

D’s kitten, Hendrix

The world’s yummiest cupcake

The view I see when I’m studying- very demotivating!

Perth- when it rains, it pours. The park near my house

What could be my future home….if I can save enough for a deposit in a year.

When it rains, it pours

It finally rained today in Perth. Considering it’s nearly winter, the rain took awhile to get here. I don’t like the rain when I’m unprepared….days like today. So this weekend, looks like I’m boot shopping! I have my doc marten’s but they’re hardly sensible for the office.

Now, I’m just going to enjoy the sound of rain as I sit inside and write in my journal. Blissful night x

Hello Autumn!

I love the Autumn months in Perth. March is still warm, perfect for the beach because it starts to cool down and by cool down, I mean it’s not 38 degrees every single day!

April has a ridiculous month of public holidays which I never liked before because I didn’t get paid for them as a casual worker but this year, I’m looking forward to any extra day to myself now that I’m working & studying full time.

And May, is the month I go down south for my favourite festival that always has a lot of Australia hip hop artists performing. I get to rug up warmly & enjoy good music without getting frustrated with the heat.

Everyone loves Summer, but I much prefer you Autumn!