Mid February, just as it hit 91 days since I moved to Melbourne, I flew back to Perth for a few days. It was a short trip but in true Anna style, jam packed as always.

The giant walking around Perth

The sleeping diver

In four days, I fitted in four walks, two meals with my parents, one coffee date, one lunch date, one city hangout, one beach hangout, one airport hangout and a road trip down south for an engagement party.

Valentines themed Engagement Party < 3

With the gorgeous couple, M & J < 3

Four days in Perth/ Western Australia was definitely not long enough but it was the best I could do at this time of year.

My fave secluded beach in the South West

Until next time WA!

South Perth evening river walks with KM

WA day weekend;

It feels like it was only last week that I was down in Dunsborough but it seems it’s been 5 weeks! We had another long weekend here in Perth (also known as WA day) and it was the last long weekend for a few months so it was the perfect opportunity to get away again.

Waking up to the sound of rain while snuggling in the warmest flannelette cocoon has got to be up there as one of the best feelings ever. There were no alarm clocks set & breakfast came to bed on the last morning.

We visited Samudra (of course), caught up with some friends for brunch, checked out a girlfriends new house and went on lots of walks. Walks that included a massive property full of Kangaroos!

Weekends away are so good for the soul. Especially relaxing ones and especially the ones spent with loved ones ❤

Another one to add to the list;

Once I saw that Samudra had a new seasonal menu, I knew it was time for another visit. I was looking to do another day trip like I did on the first day of March but when a friend said his mum lives down there & we could stay, I couldn’t say no. We drove down on the Friday afternoon, in time for dinner at The Pour House & stayed for two nights.

Our trip consisted of three Samudra visits in two days, sunrise watching, beach exploring, dog walks, book reading, door fixing, FMTV watching, ‘Power of Now’ audiobook listening & a family dinner at home with some red wine (I’m totally part of the family now).

Our time in Dunsborough made me realise one big thing – Dunsborough is officially on the list of ‘places I will live each year’. Whether it’s a few weeks here & there or a solid month in summer & winter, Dunsborough & the South West Region of Western Australia is a truly beautiful part of the world.

More Dunsborough posts here & photos here, here & here.

D u n s b o r o u g h ;

When my friend suggested a weekend in Dunsborough, south of Perth, I said yes immediately. It wasn’t that long ago that we were down there in fact (last November), but I’ve been dreaming of Samudra ever since.

Unlike the last trip where we drank lots of wine & over-indulged in all the cheese, pate & crackers our tummys could handle, we did a total 180 degree turn with this trip. On this particular trip, we ate 90% raw food, woke up early, went for walks & just relaxed. It feels good to come home feeling refreshed!

The beloved- Samudra! Complete with blankets, pillows & day beds!

I must admit, I felt pretty chuffed when the duty manager at Samudra came up to me on the second night and asked if I was the one that had instagramed their burrito’s the night before & if so, how did I do it on my iphone. Well!

On Saturday we went location scouting & look what we found:

My very own secluded beach!

Western Australia sure is a beautiful place! x

Here’s to 2014;

They say that the cure for anything is salt water & this right here, is my happy place. After 11 hours of flying/running/nearly missing a connecting flight, it was good to have a few hours on this beautiful piece of coast before I went back to work the following day.

2014 is going to be a big one for me. With university all done now, I need to get my residential & commercial valuers licence work wise & somehow fit in all the holidays I have planned. I’ve got a little side business going on which I’m putting in as much effort as possible this year (more on that later). I’m in this place where I want to share more but it’s still early days with a few things so I guess, all in good time!

In the mean time though, I’ll be making the most of Perth & the West because if there’s one motto for 2014, it’s this: find the beauty in everything.

Broome snaps & things to do;

The photos are finally here! I packed a disposable camera for my Broome trip (I’m loving the waterproof ones!) because I love the photo quality and how much they remind me of my summers in New Zealand; I went through countless rolls of film every summer back home! Unfortunately, out of the 19 photos I got on film last month, only a few turned out. Luckily, S got a brand new camera on the way to Perth so in this post, there’s a mix of film, digital & iphone snaps. Can you guess which ones are which?

The walk to the beach which took 7-10mins but felt like hours!

The infamous Cable Beach!

This is how I spent every day; reading under the umbrella & going for long swims every hour. Life is tough….

The hourly swim

It was usually calm though!


The beautiful Miss S


Camels! They were such beautiful things

Oh so adorable!


& I found them hilarious!

Before the ride with our camel, Zara


How many times have you been photobombed by a camel?

The camel tour people were so lovely- they took so many snaps for us on our own cameras


Nothing like a West Coast sunset!


$4 for two chicken quesadillas…cheapest meal in town!

& because no Broome trip is complete without a visit to Matso’s Brewery!


Beer tasters

What would I recommend?

– Staying in Cable Beach because you’ll want to be in the water all day every day (and the guys at Beach Hut have you sorted for umbrellas, sun lounges, beach chairs, sunscreen AND cold water every day)

– The pizza from The Sunset Bar (and the amazing view of the sunset isn’t too bad!)

– The sticky date pudding from The Zoo Cafe in Cable Beach (for only $10, it was devineeeee!)

Hiring a car for the day and heading to Gantheaume Point via Kavite Road (the red dirt road pictured first)

– Watching the sunset from the grass near Sunset Bar (complete with a bottle of wine or ciders!)

Matso’s Brewery in town which has yummy food and the tastiest ciders (their beers are pretty good too, according to S)

– Having dinner at Diver’s Tavern in Cable Beach for a super relaxed evening (that’s where the quesadillas are from!)

– Get plenty of Vitamin B1 supplements beforehand or during the trip if you’ve never experienced sand fly bites (very unpleasant and SO DAMN ITCHY!!)

Already planning my trip back…

Broome Adventures;

Last month, I went to Broome for the first time with my best friend. The weather forecast said it’d be 35 degrees everyday which was perfect, because Perth was getting down to 20 (cold in comparison to the 40+ summer days we’ve had). But something I realised when we stepped off the plane…35 degrees in Broome is TOTALLY different to 35 degrees in Perth!

After the initial shock & angry outbursts because it felt so uncomfortable, my body adapted by the second day. We spent our days laying on the beach under big umbrellas (thanks to Beach Hut or else I’d be a lot more sunburnt than I was!) and nights at the bar watching the sunset.

It was good spending time with S, someone who isn’t so clued up on social media (all she has is Facebook) so I had my phone on flight mode most of the trip, only checking Facebook/Twitter/Instagram updates early in the morning or just before bed. And I even managed to read two books instead of constantly refreshing my social media/checking emails/pinterest.

Last month marked sixteen years since S came into my life and we reflected on our earlier childhood fun, the teenage years & the last few years we’ve been apart (I hate remembering how long it’s been because it only makes me sad). The next 12 months are going to be full of change, and I welcome the change with open arms!

Until then, I’ll be making the most of my current situation & enjoying every minute of it!

NEXT UP: Photos from my Broome trip & things we got up to