U p d a t e ;

This past week has been a total mix bag! There were plans, celebrations, exciting news, accidents & last minute adventures. Above all, I cannot believe how much I have shifted mentally. Waking up this morning, I couldn’t believe how well I handled situations that were supposed to ‘stress’ me out & how much one single outing has occupied so much of my brain space (totally unexpected as well).

Photo taken in Bar Lafayette in the Brookfield Place

Friday night, I went out with some work/uni girls to a property function that was organised by the young property professionals for under 35’s in the industry. Drinks & nibbles were organised at The Terrace Hotel where we mingled with others in the industry. It was a great success! And the Terrace Hotel looks INCREDIBLE since the renovation. If you’re a interior nerd like myself, you will love this place. Exposed brick (like the wall I snapped at Bar Lafayette the night before), wide timber floorboards and the most beautiful wallpaper in the dining area. Their dinner menu looks pretty damn delicious too!

Saturday afternoon, when I was only 1 minute away from meeting a friend for a coastal walk, I got swiped by a 4WD. Luckily we were approaching the lights so it wasn’t as bad as it could of been. Yeah, it’s a total inconvenience taking my car into the panel beaters twice in one week to get assessed but my scratches are minor; I can still drive….I just get the biggest looks from passby-ers and majority drive past me FAST, thinking I’m the bad driver, HA!

On Sunday, after an early breakfast date at Bib & Tucker followed by a pump class, I got a message from a friend wondering if I had finished exams yet. He was at work and needed to run a jet ski for a client (he works at one of the marinas in Perth) so within an hour, I’m in my shorts & sandals driving to Fremantle, making the most of the glorious winter weather we’ve been having. We ended up riding the jet ski from Fremantle to the city for a drink at The Lucky Shag. We saw dozens of dolphins along the way (gosh those guys live THE life!) and of course not long after, we get smashed by a wave on the way to the city which left me thinking I was about to freeze to death (I came pretty close with my brain freezing, ouch!). Fun Sunday afternoon though.

Tuesday night, I finally celebrated end of exams with my uni/work girls. We went to The Aviary for some mulled wine followed by dinner at Jamie’s Italian. The wait time is decreasing for those not booking weeks ahead; we only waited an hour to be seated after putting our name down at 5:45pm. I was VERY tempted to order the same main as last time but luckily picked another winning dish (Honeycomb Cannelloni 3 ways). For entree, we shared the pumpkin & smoked mozzarella nachos, crispy squid, stuffed peppers and crispy stuffed risotto balls. For dessert, there was warm brownie, tutti fruitti lemon meringue pie and a chocolate pot to share (can’t say a lot of sharing was involved in the end!) We shared a bottle of ‘Montepulciano D’Abruzzo‘ and I don’t even drink red wine but loved this one!

Last night, I went to the Bliss n Eso concert and although I’ve heard of Yelawolf, I didn’t actually listen to any of his music. Bliss n Eso are my favourite Australia Hip Hop act so I never doubted their choice in support acts but when Yelawolf came on, I was blown away. His style is like nothing I’ve heard recently & his stage presence was too good. His American-ism took me back to my time there & some of the people I was hanging out with. It made me miss them so much but also so excited about my trip back next year. More than anything, watching Yelawolf reminded me of someone that hurt me really bad recently. The voice, the clothing, the face & the tattoos. Maybe I haven’t quite gotten over it or maybe I’m not supposed to just yet but man, feels like an old cut that needs to heal again. Question is, do I leave it covered or wide open?

Total mix bag! 

Friday Letters- Dear weird guy;

I’m really enjoying these Friday letters! Here’s my 3rd lot of Friday letters, hope you’re all enjoying them as much as me!

Dear weird guy;
On Wednesday, you saw me standing outside a house & said you knew the tenant and came down the driveway with me.   Then when the tenant let me in & had no idea who you were, you said you wanted to rent the house. If that wasn’t weird enough, I see you again on Thursday, in Subiaco at 11am in a pair of bright blue cartoon flannette pjs with your daughter in tow. I hope I don’t bump into you again!

Dear Hanger (Anger caused by hunger);
I thought I had you under control but no, yesterday you made me act like a frigging crazy lady, getting angry over a broken pen (which resulted in seeing weird guy at the stationary shop).

Dear Winter;
I can’t believe your other sister, Spring is replacing you tomorrow. I don’t feel like I saw enough of you over the past 3 months but I guess that’s Perth for you huh? Don’t worry, I’ll continue chasing you around the world next year.

Dear eyes;
I know I don’t rest you as much as I should (that should change next weekend after the move) but do you really need to water every time I’m having an important conversation with my boss or director? You sure know how to embarrass me!

– – –

Happy Friday all, enjoy the two days of bliss all you Mon-Fri folk! x

Mulled goodness;

Click photo for a delicious mulled wine recipe

It’s taken me a while to get round to trying mulled wine. You see, I’m not a red wine drinker (I can see my friend Anna dropping her jaw in horror right now) because I’m a sweet tooth and struggle to find a red wine that is enjoyable (other than Dolce and a select few I’ve sampled over the years).

While I was in Melbourne, my friend Paris took me to this cute little bar called Ponyfish which is located under the Yarra Pedestrian Bridge in the city. I was a little reluctant to try some of their mulled wine but because I randomly decided to go to Melbourne a few days prior I thought, “why not?”

Why had I not tried this sooner?? When I got back to Perth, I sent a mention to Tweet Perth to see if there’s some nice little places in Perth that do mulled wine and got plenty of responses. If you’re from Perth or visiting, here’s some places to check out:

The Aviary– Perth City

The Garden– Leederville

The Inglewood Hotel– Inglewood

Bar 399– Highgate

You can bet I’ll be trying all four places this winter!


Why I love winter;

Melinda at Mumma in Heels came up with a new idea for blog posts called ‘Let’s Write’. This weeks one is ‘What do you love about winter?’ and I couldn’t wait to write about it.

If my blog name (winterlust) doesn’t give you some sort of indication…I ADORE winter. I don’t know if it’s because I was born in Russia where I was surrounded by snow or the fact I grew up in New Zealand where it rained 90% of the time, but living in Perth has made me miss & constantly chase the chill.

Weird I know, since nearly everyone I know prefers the heat over the cold. I do enjoy summer, when I’m on holiday or it’s the weekend but when I’m driving & it’s hot, frustration rises. Or when I’m going between 16 degree offices and 35 degree heat waves outside….I do not enjoy that.

As soon as it’s slightly chilly, I’ll probably be the first to throw on a coat and boots. I don’t think it’s ever possible to own enough coats!  Short, long, tweed, trench…I’m obsessed! Then there’s the various types of knitwear and head wear and scarves.

And if the fashion isn’t enough, there’s the fireplaces, the cosy nights in, the hot baths and showers, hot chocolates and the overall alertness you feel in the colder months.

Maybe I feel like this because I don’t get enough cold weather, and it’s been 16 years since I lived in Russia, but I do hope to experience this again soon….for more than the 3 months I got last year.

If you love winter as much as Melinda & I, check out her pinterest board HERE.

One year on;

On the 1st of December 2010, I was walking the streets of London with L and the place resembled something very close to the image above. Christmas lights were up, the snow had just flown and the place felt so magical.

Everyone thought I was crazy to go traveling in the winter time especially because Perth was heating up to 30 degrees most days but as soon as I touched down in London, I felt at home.

Maybe it’s the Russian in me but that was my first white christmas in 15 years. I bought a christmas sweater for roughly 15 pounds and then L & I got a christmas tree and decorations. We had two other Australian girls join us as orphans in London & it was one of the best christmas’s ever.

Christmas 2010

Now fast forward one year and every part of my body wishes I was back there. Whenever I hear Tina mention christmas preparation in Sweden, all of me gets a little sadder each time.

I think I belong in the Northern hemisphere. Now I just need to get through the next 3 years of uni & then I can move there. Until then, it will just have to be holidays!